COP 28 Live Blog - 1st December

(UN Climate Change/Christophe Viseux)
(UN Climate Change/Christophe Viseux)

Welcome to our live blog of the 28th Conference of the Parties (COP 28) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), taking place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Over the next two weeks, world leaders, policymakers, activists, and experts will gather to discuss and negotiate critical issues related to climate change, biodiversity, and sustainability. The stakes are high, as the world faces a climate crisis that demands urgent and transformative action.
We will be bringing you real-time updates, insights, and exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpses of the event, providing a comprehensive overview of the discussions, decisions, and outcomes of COP 28.

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“Time To Clock Out!”

Updated 23:15h GST/UTC+4 – 1/12/23
(UN Climate Change/Kiara Worth)
(UN Climate Change/Kiara Worth)

Day two of COP 28 has been filled with a flurry of activity and announcements.
Here's a quick summary:
  • Global Stocktake Draft: The first draft of the global stocktake was released, highlighting that current climate action is insufficient and the world is off track to achieve the 1.5°C warming limit. The draft avoids definitive statements on fossil fuels, leaving the issue open for debate.
  • High-level Plenary Speeches: Several world leaders delivered speeches emphasizing the urgency of climate action. President von der Leyen stressed the need to peak global emissions by 2025, Prime Minister Modi proposed India as host for COP 33, and King Charles III pleaded for genuine transformative action. Brazil's President Lula criticized the global focus on weapons over climate action.
  • World leaders endorsed a declaration on transforming food systems, recognizing the potential of sustainable food systems for climate action.
  • UAE President Sheikh Mohamed announced a $30 billion fund for global climate solutions.
  • Hilda Heine, the former President of the Marshall Islands, tendered her resignation from her post on the main advisory board of COP28 following the alleged plans of the UAE to use the summit as a platform to promote oil and gas deals.
  • In an interview with the BBC, Bill Gates expressed his belief that keeping global temperatures within the 1.5°C rise target is no longer achievable.

Global Stocktake Rough Draft Hints At Difficult Negotiations Ahead

Updated 22:00h GST/UTC+4 – 1/12/23
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COP 28 has begun tackling one of its central tasks: delivering a global climate policy assessment requiring consensus from nearly 200 countries. Today, a first draft of the initial “global stocktake” was circulated, outlining the world's progress towards the 1.5°C warming limit and identifying necessary actions. This 12-page “building blocks” document serves as a starting point for the two-week negotiations in the UAE.
Despite its rough nature and open-ended key issues, the draft received praise as a valuable starting point. Countries offered their initial reactions to the text with some suggesting it encompasses all essential topics.
Key Highlights of the Global Stocktake Draft Text:
  • Off-track Climate Action: The text acknowledges that countries are “not collectively on track to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement” which aims to limit global warming to 1.5°C.
  • Narrowing Window For Action: The draft expresses “significant concern” regarding the rapidly shrinking window for crucial action to achieve the 1.5°C target.
  • Uncertain Fossil Fuel Future: The text avoids definitive statements on the contentious energy debate, instead proposing options such as ”phase-down/out [of] fossil fuels” and “phase-down/out/no new coal.”
  • Protecting Nature: The draft emphasizes the importance of safeguarding nature and ecosystems while leaving specific calls to action on deforestation, agriculture, and oceans for further discussion.
  • Influencing Future Climate Policies: The text urges countries to consider the findings of the Global Stocktake when submitting their next round of national climate policies, due by the COP 30 in 2025.
The draft's lack of concrete decisions suggests potentially challenging negotiations ahead. The open-ended nature of several key issues, particularly the fossil fuel debate, hints at the potential for heated discussions and compromise-seeking as countries strive for consensus.

Japan's Kishida Lauds Global Stocktake Commitment, Warns Of Off-Track 1.5°C Goal

Updated 21:30h GST/UTC+4 – 1/12/23
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Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan lauded the summit's commitment to completing the first-ever global stocktake, while emphasizing that the world is still off track to achieve the 1.5°C target. He detailed Japan's financial and energy transition plans, which include establishing renewable energy as the nation's primary energy source. Notably, Japan is the “world's third-largest market for solar power.”

“France Will Close All (Coal) Plants by 2027”

Updated 20:00h GST/UTC+4 – 1/12/23
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During the High-Level Plenary, French President Emmanuel Macron delivered a lengthy and detailed statement, outlining a comprehensive set of changes needed to global structures to accelerate effective climate action. His speech focused on the diverse pathways to decarbonization across the world, highlighting the inherent flaws within current investment systems hindering their implementation.
Macron stressed the urgency for a complete reversal on reliance on coal, urging the G7 nations to lead by example and commit to its complete phase-out.
He also highlighted the necessity to end subsidies for new coal power plants and advocated for a reevaluation of private financing regulations.
“The private sector has no disincentive, and our investment systems are dysfunctional.”
Macron urged the World Trade Organization (WTO) to reform its trade regulations, enabling countries to subsidize green industries and impose tariffs on coal imports.

COP 28 Advisor Steps Down Amidst Concerns Over “Secret Oil Deals”

Updated 19:40h GST/UTC+4 – 1/12/23
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Hilda Heine, former President of the Marshall Islands and advisor to the COP28 climate summit, has tendered her resignation following reports by the BBC detailing the UAE presidency's alleged plans to use the summit as a platform to promote oil and gas deals.
Heine expressed her profound disappointment with these reports, highlighting the potential to derail the progress made through negotiations. ”These actions undermine the integrity of the COP presidency and the process as a whole” she stated in a letter addressed to COP President Sultan al-Jaber.
Responding to Heine's resignation, the COP28 Presidency expressed their disappointment while acknowledging her valuable contributions.
”We have been completely clear, open and honest throughout this process and it is a shame to see unverified reporting affect our team and undermine the world's best chance to keep 1.5 within reach.”

UK PM: Net Zero Would Only Be Achieved In A Way That “Benefits The British People”

Updated 18:00h GST/UTC+4 – 1/12/23
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During a press conference at the UK Pavilion, Sunak announced modifications to the UK's climate policies. While other world leaders demanded more aggressive measures to address the climate crisis, the Prime Minister continued his rhetoric that environmental organizations have denounced as harmful.
“Climate politics is close to breaking point..the costs of inaction are intolerable but we have choices in how we act”.
He claimed that net zero would only be achieved in a way that “benefits the British people,” adding, “we have abandoned plans for heat pumps and energy efficiency that would have cost citizens thousands of pounds.” He also highlighted his “nature plan,” which has received negative critiques.
However, he urged other nations, “the mounting science and evidence of climate related disasters prove we are not moving fast enough...everyone can do more...the UK is leading the charge.”
Sunak Makes Major Climate Announcements:
  • UK invests £1.6 billion ($2 billion) in climate projects: This initiative encompasses renewable energy, green innovation, and forest protection, fulfilling the historic Glasgow Agreement to end deforestation.
  • £11 billion ($13.9 billion) joint investment in Dogger Bank wind farm: Partnering with Masdar and RWE, the UK commits to building the world's largest wind farm.

“Global Emissions Must Peak By 2050”

Updated 17:40h GST/UTC+4 – 1/12/23
(UN Climate Change/Christopher Edralin)
(UN Climate Change/Christopher Edralin)

President of the European Commission, von der Leyen stressed the need for immediate action to address the climate crisis. Highlighting ambition, targets, and finance, she demanded global emissions peak by 2025.
“This COP is about ambition, it is about targets and it is about finance..Global emissions must peak by 2025...We must phase out fossil fuels and we must phase out methane emissions.”

Kenyan President: Africa Needs More Support

Updated 16:35h GST/UTC+4 – 1/12/23
(UN Climate Change/Christopher Pike)
(UN Climate Change/Christopher Pike)

William Ruto joined the growing chorus of Africa leaders urging the global community to step up its climate support for Africa. With climate change rapidly becoming the “defining challenge of our era.” Ruto emphasized the urgent need for international assistance to help Africa combat its devastating effects.
”The reality before us is irrefutable. we are hurtling on a trajectory to the dire scenario of a world that is warmer by 3°C...This crisis must never be seen as a distant threat..It is here devastating nations regardless of their size and wealth...Droughts are now at least 100 times more likely than they were in the pre-industrial era...All of us are already living in this dire reality...The situation in our Horn of Africa region and other developing countries lays bare the impact of climate change...Only 2 percent of the $3 trillion invested in renewable energy has reached Africa…The consequences of this investment gap are starkly evident.”

“...Put Nature, People, Lives and Livelihoods At The Heart Of Climate Action”

Updated 16:30h GST/UTC+4 – 1/12/23
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Tonga's King Tupou VI expressed deep concern over the “slow progress”on the key goals of the Paris Agreement, eight years since its inception.
”It’s painful for the people of the small island stages to see that COP 28 may not be the milestone we hoped for because of the slow progress on the Paris Agreement...We need a Pacific-led community resilience committee...Let us put nature, people, lives and livelihoods at the heart of climate action.”

Climate Change Will “Magnify” Impact Of War

Updated 16:10h GST/UTC+4 – 1/12/23
(UN Climate Change/Mahmoud Khaled)
(UN Climate Change/Mahmoud Khaled)

King Abdullah of Jordan warns that climate change will worsen the effects of war, amid already dire humanitarian situations.
“As we speak, the Palestinian people are facing an immediate threat to their lives and well-being..climate threats magnify the devastation of war...Much more needs to be done...Our national energy strategy aims to generate 31 per cent of electricity from renewables by 2030...We are pressing forward with solutions in climate smart agriculture, water..Despite the challenges, Jordan has set an example as a climate action pioneer and is emerging as a green tech hub.”

El Sisi: “...No Less Dangerous Than Climate Change”

Updated 15:50h GST/UTC+4 – 1/12/23
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Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi has called for more ambitious action on climate change at COP 28, saying that the world faces grave ”political challenges that are no less dangerous than climate change.” El Sisi said that Egypt is “well aware of the importance of reinforcing collective work to address the challenge of climate change.”
He also stressed the need for “equity, just transition and collective but differentiated responsibility” in the fight against climate change. El Sisi called on the international community to “make more ambitious steps in COP 28” and to “refrain from unilateral acts that only serve self-interest.”

UNGA President: The Climate Crisis Is At “Everybody's Doorstep”

Updated 15:40h GST/UTC+4 – 1/12/23
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In a clarion call to action, UN General Assembly President Dennis Francis emphasized the vital role of the Paris Agreement principles in tackling the burgeoning climate crisis. He underscored the chilling possibility of a 3-degree global temperature increase and the urgent need for collective action to safeguard vulnerable nations.
“As a citizen of a small island state myself, I am acutely aware that on our current trajectory...those islands are at peril of complete inundation...A 3 degree world is not science fiction. It is the path we are on..Let us triple renewable energy by 2030...and let us triple it again...Significantly more than our feeble efforts are required to produce the required reductions in emissions...Our high levels of energy dependency impact everything we do...Empty promises, unfulfilled promises...won’t help the negotiators, won’t help your citizens...It’s only by uniting in your commitments to do this together we’ll fully respond to the needs of those affected and ensure that development and climate action are mutually reinforcing..Your political messages must translate into real, tangible actions.”

Indian Prime Minister Modi Pushes For Green Initiatives And Proposes India As Host For COP 33

Updated 15:30h GST/UTC+4 – 1/12/23
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During the High-level plenary, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, proposed his country as the host for the 33rd Conference of the Parties (COP 33) in 2028. Modi also underscored the urgency of tackling the climate crisis and outlined India's ambitious green agenda.
“A small section of humanity has indiscriminately exploited nature but the whole of humanity has paid the price, especially the global south...from this platform I propose India will host COP 33 in 2028...I hope that over the next 12 days the global stock-take review will show us the path to a secure and bright future...We have expressed our commitment to triple renewable energy at a global level by 2030...India has promoted alternative fuels like hydrogen. We have together recognised there’s a need to take the climate finance commitment from billions to several trillions...A pro-planet initiative centred on green credits...a mass campaign that goes beyond the commercial mindset associated with carbon credits...creating carbon sinks through people’s participation...We do not have much time to correct the mistakes of the past century.”

Bill Gates: 1.5C Target “Not Likely To Be Achieved”

Updated 14:45h GST/UTC+4 – 1/12/23
(UN Climate Change/Christopher Pike)
(UN Climate Change/Christopher Pike)

Bill Gates says that he no longer believes keeping global temperatures within the 1.5°C rise target is feasible. While the difference between 1.5°C and higher temperatures might seem small, the IPCC and scientists warn against exceeding this critical threshold to prevent catastrophic climate change impacts.
Speaking to the BBC on the sidelines of COP 28, Gates acknowledged that government actions have helped avoid the most severe scenarios, such as a 4°C rise. His words echo growing concerns within the climate community that meeting this crucial target may be out of reach.

World Leaders Sign Declaration on Transforming Food Systems

Updated 14:00h GST/UTC+4 – 1/12/23
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In a historic move, world leaders have signed a declaration on transforming food systems – the first ever COP resolution directly addressing the intricate relationship between our food and the changing climate. This declaration endorsed by 130 world leaders acknowledges the escalating threat posed by climate change to agriculture, food security, and the most vulnerable communities struggling with hunger, malnutrition, and economic hardship. However, it also emphasizes the immense potential of sustainable food systems to act as powerful tools for climate action and shared prosperity.
More than 100 countries have pledged to include food and land use in their national climate plans (NDCs) and adaptation strategies by 2025. This action is crucial, considering that food systems currently contribute to roughly a third of all greenhouse gas emissions, primarily due to industrialized methods employed in livestock and fertilizer production. The climate crisis is already taking its toll on agriculture and food security, with extreme weather events and slow-onset impacts like rising sea levels and desertification causing food shortages and price spikes around the globe.
This declaration marks a significant step towards a future where we nourish ourselves sustainably and mitigate climate change. By transforming our food systems, we can build resilience, ensure food security for all, and pave the way for a healthier planet.

Brazil's Lula Decries Global Focus On Weapons Over Climate Action

Updated 13:30h GST/UTC+4 – 1/12/23
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Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva criticized world leaders for prioritizing military spending over climate action, stating that global commitments to environmental protection are being relegated to the sidelines. He highlighted the disparity in funding, emphasizing that nations are investing far more in weapons and missiles than in tackling climate change.
“...Empty Speeches..The planet is tired of climate agreements that were not fulfilled...How many leaders (are) committed to saving the planet, when only last year the world spent more than $2 trillion on weapons - amounts that could be invested to fight hunger and confront climate change issues...many emissions were emitted by cruise missiles...”

King Charles III Makes A Heartfelt Plea For COP28 Success

Updated 13:15h GST/UTC+4 – 1/12/23
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In his address to COP 28, King Charles III urged world leaders to strive for the same level of consensus achieved in Paris eight years ago.
“Eight years ago I was most touched to be asked to speak at the opening of COP 21 in Paris, which of course culiminated in the Paris agreement...I pray with all my heart that COP 28 will be another critical turning point towards genuine transformational action at a time when already - as climate scientists have been warning for so long - we are seeing alarming tipping points being reached...It worries me greatly that we remain so dreadfully far off track...Records are now being broken so often that we are perhaps becoming immune to what they are really telling us.”

Sheikh Mohamed Announces $30 Billion Fund For Global Climate Solutions

Updated 13:10h GST/UTC+4 – 1/12/23
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President Sheikh Mohamed of the United Arab Emirates has welcomed world leaders to COP 28 with a significant pledge. He announced the establishment of a $30 billion fund. Addressing an audience of world leaders, Sheikh Mohamed emphasized the crucial role of accessible financing in the fight against climate change. He also stated that the “fund is designed to bridge the climate finance gap..” and accelerate the clean energy transition. The fund, “Alterra” is described as a “catalytic climate vehicle” that will be used to “bolster climate financing”.
“When we committed to hosting COP 28, we pledged to bring the world together to unite, build and to deliver”

World Leaders Arrive At COP28

Updated 12:50h GST/UTC+4 – 1/12/23
(UN Climate Change/Neville Hopwood)
(UN Climate Change/Neville Hopwood)

Presidents, prime ministers, and heads of state have arrived at Expo City. UAE President Sheikh Mohamed and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres welcomed the world leaders. They then proceeded down to Al Wasl for a group photo.

“What Will Happen Today?”

Updated 12:15h GST/UTC+4 – 1/12/23
(UN Climate Change/Christopher Edralin)
(UN Climate Change/Christopher Edralin)

Over 60 world leaders, including French President Emmanuel Macron, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, King Charles III, and Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, are expected to take the stage today. Their speeches will serve as a platform to showcase their achievements, unveil new commitments, and highlight their priorities for the ongoing negotiations. The first two speakers scheduled for today are Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, president of the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Coming from major oil-producing nations, their addresses will be closely watched for any indication of their stance on phasing out fossil fuels, a key point of contention within the conference.
Following the statements by world leaders, heads of each country's delegation to COP 28 will deliver their national statements. This process will allow each nation to present its unique perspective on the climate crisis and outline its individual plans for action.
In addition to the high-level speeches, today's agenda is packed with other important activities:
  • Business & Philanthropy Climate Forum: Chaired by Badr Jafar, CEO of Crescent Enterprises, this forum is expected to draw over 1,000 chief executives. Key speakers include Bill Gates, Brian Moynihan, Kristalina Georgieva, Siddharth Sharma, Ray Dalio, and Hindou Ibrahim. The forum will focus on mobilizing private sector resources and accelerating climate action.
  • Adaptation Finance Summit for Africa: This summit will bring together African leaders, development partners, and financial institutions to discuss ways to mobilize finance for climate adaptation and resilience on the continent. Speakers include President William Ruto of Kenya, President Macky Sall of Senegal, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, British Foreign Secretary David Cameron, and Bill Gates.
  • Signing of the COP28 Emirates Declaration: This declaration will outline commitments from participating countries to promote sustainable agriculture, resilient food systems, and climate action.
Today's agenda at COP28 is also packed with informal consultations and contact groups, providing a platform for diverse stakeholders to engage in discussions and negotiations around critical issues. Alongside these formal meetings, the vibrant blue and green zones will be buzzing with activity, hosting side events and exhibitions showcasing innovative solutions and best practices for climate action. Some of these events, such as the Climate Hub by WeDontHaveTime, are open for virtual participation.

“What Happened During The First Day Of COP 28?”

Updated 11:15h GST/UTC+4 – 1/12/23
(UN Climate Change/Christopher Pike)
(UN Climate Change/Christopher Pike)

In a sign of early progress, delegates reached a pivotal decision to operationalize the long-awaited loss and damage fund. While the fund's name is still under consideration, its structure and implementation have been firmly established. Several countries made substantial financial commitments to kickstart the fund's operations, including USD 100 million from the United Arab Emirates and Germany, up to GBP 60 million from the United Kingdom, USD 10 million from Japan, USD 17.5 million from the United States to the new fund and an additional USD 7 million to other loss and damage financial mechanisms, and EUR 225 million from the European Union.
These pledges serve as a tangible response to UNFCCC Executive Secretary Simon Stiell's impassioned call during the opening ceremony, emphasizing the need to move beyond mere intentions and take concrete action.
Beyond the landmark decision on loss and damage, other significant progress was made on day one. A consensus on the agendas for each of the five bodies meeting in Dubai was reached, which is no small feat. These agendas outline the critical issues that all countries agree to discuss, debate, and ultimately seek to resolve. This year, a multitude of new agenda items were proposed, covering topics as diverse as monitoring the promised doubling of adaptation finance to re-evaluating the legally binding targets of the Kyoto Protocol.
The COP 28 Presidency will lead negotiations on a select number of these proposed items, including those addressing the unique needs and circumstances of Africa and the review of the Financial Mechanism. While the remaining proposals will not be formally added to the agendas, they will be incorporated into ongoing discussions within their respective themes.
Recognizing the potential for challenging debates, COP 28 President Sultan Al Jaber urged delegates to approach negotiations with flexibility and an open mind. He pledged to facilitate an inclusive and transparent process that prioritizes finding solutions and fostering collaboration. He emphasized that achieving an ambitious Stocktake decision, one that truly advances progress on climate action, depends on everyone bringing solutions and a willingness to work together.

Good Morning!

Updated 11:00h GST/UTC+4 – 1/12/23
(UN Climate Change/Kiara Worth)
(UN Climate Change/Kiara Worth)

Welcome to the second day of our live coverage of COP28. While we await the commencement of the plenary sessions, let's review what happened yesterday and what to expect today.
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