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Krafthem Virtual Powerplant

Krafthem operates a virtual power plant (VPP) - a hardware agnostic platform that connects flexibility assets with buyers of flexibility. We integrate with flexibility assets, collect metering values and actively manage assets' power profiles, we prognose available flexibility and decide in which markets and at what price flexibility will be offered. We run projects within light and heavy EV charging, energy storage, hydropower, solar power and heating. We aim to offer ancillary services and participate in capacity markets. Krafthem's mission is to drastically increase available flexibility to support the renewable electrification of everything.

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  • Sven Nilson

    75 w

    Flower (pr. Krafthem) collaborates with Ellivio now

    • Petter Körnemark

      151 w

      Wow, 250 agrees!

      • Johannes Luiga

        158 w

        Truly encouraging!

        • Philip Diklev

          161 w

          This is exactly what makes a difference. No dreams and promises - “doability” and immediate action. The remarkable, yet hard to fathom, insight that cheap energy is green/clean pathes the way for “anybody” to get on-board. Their businesses concept is a no-brainer, Better - cleaner and cheaper, is the kind of innovation that drives the climate goals forward. If we had more more initiatives like this - we mould be heading in, rather than talking of, the direction of a green planet. For once we have a potential unicorn in the making that actually can make a fundamental difference.

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