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Image of Parents For Future #MakeParisReal #FightFor1Point5

Parents For Future #MakeParisReal #FightFor1Point5

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Call to action: Should Germany comply with the Paris climate agreement?? - please sign our petition

Did you know that Germany is reneging on the Paris climate agreement? Do you want the agreement to be respected? Support and expand this petition NOW - with step by step instructions: Background With the support of Armin Laschet's state government, RWE still wants to burn 780 million tonnes of lignite from the Hambach and Garzweiler II opencast mines. This corresponds to 780 million tonnes of CO2. Since essential basic assumptions, both legal and factual, for lignite planning in NRW have changed, Article 30 of the NRW State Planning Act must be applied. The 2021 Guidelines Decision must be revised and revised downwards Lignite production volumes to be revised and adjusted downwards to a maximum extraction of 100 million tonnes of lignite for the two opencast mines Hambach and Garzweiler as of 01.01.2020. Es ist ein sofortiges Rodungs- und Abrissmoratorium im Vorfeld des TAn immediate moratorium on clearing and demolition in the run-up to the Garzweiler Garzweiler open-cast mine, especially around the village of LΓΌtzerath. In June 2021, the DIW comes to the following conclusion in the study β€œNo degree further – Adjustment of opencast mining planning in the Rhenish lignite mining area to comply with the 1.5 degree limit”. With appropriate early curtailment of production, a coal exit path in the Hambach and Garzweiler opencast mining complex still requires a maximum of 200 million tonnes by 2028. This coal exit path in line with the 1.5Β° budget also ensures the preservation of the Garzweiler villages. The 200 million tonnes of lignite were calculated with a limitation of global warming to a maximum of 1.5Β°C with a compliance probability of 50 %. Parents for Future Cologne also calculates with a limitation to a maximum of 1.5Β°C. A higher probability of occurrence of 83% is taken as a basis. This consideration follows directly from guiding principle 2 b of the for Future ruling 1 BvR 2656/18 (Bundesverfassungsgericht = Federal Constitutional Court, Highest court in Germany). Here, the special duty of care of the state and the legislator for future generations is defined: β€žIf there is scientific uncertainty about environmentally relevant causal relationships, the special duty of care imposed on the legislature by Article 20a of the Basic Law, also for the benefit of future generations, includes taking into account already reliable indications of the possibility of serious or irreversible impairments.β€œ The remaining budgets are derived from the 6th Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change published in August 2021.

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