Sustainable cities – Time to implement at scale!

Alfa Laval gathers stakeholders from across the value chain in upcoming collaboration event.

According to the COP28 agreement, our energy efficiency efforts must double for us to reach global net zero targets by 2030. This state of awareness needs to be converted to action and implemented at scale if we want to make it a reality. That is where Sustainable Cities comes into play. With cities accounting for 80% of the global energy consumption and more than 70% of global carbon emissions, improving energy efficiency in heating and cooling systems, integrating sector coupling, and collaborating in groundbreaking partnerships can really make a difference. On the 9th of April, Alfa Laval will be hosting the first net zero collaboration event, inviting stakeholders from the industry, representatives from cities, policy makers, and partner organizations to participate in a panel discussion on this important topic.
  • How can we drive change through partnerships?
  • How do we convert awareness into action and implement at scale?
  • How can industries and cities use collaboration to double down on energy efficiency?
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COP28 shed light on the importance of energy efficiency in making cities sustainable and cutting their dependency on fossil fuels. Implementation of technologies for heat recovery, as well as district heating and cooling have proven to significantly improve energy efficiency in cities and will be an integral part of reaching net zero goals in cities across the World.
With electrification and exponential population growth occurring in most cities all over the world, the need for energy efficient heating, and cooling solutions are also on the rise. To meet this demand and make the cities truly sustainable, collaboration, sector coupling, and the implementation of efficient heat transfer technologies will be crucial.
"COP28 was a starting point for creating awareness around Sustainable cities. Now it is time to bring these learnings into action, and to effectively implement these practices on a larger scale. Making the cities more energy efficient and less fossil fuel dependent in relation to heating and cooling is pivotal for the climate transition and to support cities in reducing their emissions. That is why we bring together stakeholders from sectors across the value chain, because we need collaboration to successfully drive change,” says Thomas Møller, President Energy Division, Alfa Laval.
The collaboration event on Sustainable cities will be broadcast on the 9th of April. It will be available to watch here at We Don't Have Time Play.
  • INTRODUCTION – The City Challenge in the energy transformation
  • COP28 – The cities’ contribution to doubling the implementation rate of energy efficiency Mark Watts, Executive Director at C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group
  • REFLECTIONS FROM COP28 Julien Gennetier, President Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers at Alfa Laval Anna Hall, Head of Public Affairs, Energy Division at Alfa Laval
  • SEEING IS BELIEVING – Best practices for energy efficiency in cities and their surrounding ecosystems
  • PANEL DISCUSSION - What are the solutions and how do we implement at scale? What roles do energy, district heating, and heat networks play in a Sustainable City? How does standardization and collaboration across the value chain support the scale up? How can policies and financial instruments support the change? What role do energy efficient buildings and a holistic energy system play? How can district cooling support cities on the journey towards net zero? PANELISTS Aurélie Beauvais, Managing Director at Euroheat & Power Olivier Racle, Head of the Business Platform DHC at ENGIE Phil McDermott, City Energy Transformation Lead at E.ON UK Sezgin Kadir, Group CEO at Kraftringen Anna Ekdahl, Director, Energy Intensive Industries, Energy Transition at Ramböll Ulf Gehrckens, Executive Vice President Corporate Energy & Climate Affairs at Aurubis AG Malgorzata Moczynska, President Brazed and Fusion-bonded Heat Exchangers at Alfa Laval Neil Parry, Global Head of District Energy at Alfa Laval
  • ONE MORE THING – Showcasing the power of collaboration Industry-first tech is becoming part of the district heating network Host during the event will be journalist and EU Climate Pact Ambassador, Catarina Rolfsdotter
  • Jenny Schmeltzer

    2 w

    Something should be done for energy efficiency as soon as possible, global warming is making itself felt more and more every day, to feel a little good

    • George Kariuki

      4 w

      Absolutely! This sounds like a fantastic event for anyone passionate about building a sustainable future #SustainableCities. I particularly like how Alfa Laval is bringing together such a diverse group of stakeholders. This is exactly the kind of cross-industry cooperation we need to accelerate real change.

      • Rashid Kamau

        4 w

        Very achievable and vital to keep alive the possibility of meeting the 1.5 °C target.

        • Munene Mugambi

          4 w

          @rashid_kamau Something for us all to join hands and work towards achieving in the short and long run. Something to look forward to make a difference on, sustainable cities, the future of mankind.

        • mary Mwihaki

          4 w

          This is a great action

          • Esther Wanjiku

            4 w

            We can totally do it ! Let's go

            • Munene Mugambi

              4 w

              Cities lead in the numbers when it comes to emissions in residential places and it is about time we acted on them to reduce the burden they put on our ecosystems by implementing sustainable cities

              • Ingmar Rentzhog

                4 w

                Yes! We can do it! 💪 This is a great focus. Cities play a key role in the transition.

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