Empowering a plant-based revolution - Oatly becomes We Don’t Have Time’s latest Changemaker

Oatly is the original oat drink company that for more than 25 years has been entirely dedicated to oats - a global crop with intrinsic properties ideal for sustainability and our health.We have taken our signature oat milk from a niche milk alternative to a front-of-the-shelf staple that many people across the world now use in their coffees, their cereal, and in their cooking.

As part of our mission to make it easier for people to eat more sustainability and healthily without recklessly taxing the planet in the process, we realized that it wasn’t enough to only make great tasting, high quality products that people enjoyed, we have always aimed to be more than just a food company, pushing for a food system shift on global level.

This is why we’re extremely proud to be one of the We Don’t Have Time Changemakers!

Using our voice to change minds

We are in a climate crisis and what we eat is one of the biggest contributors to it. Today, emissions from food and drinks represent about one third of global GHG emissions, and the foods that are animal-based, are responsible for about a half of these emissions. To solve the climate crisis, we must transform the food system, and that includes changing our eating habits. At Oatly we have always aimed to be more than just a food company, pushing for a plant-centric food system. In a recent expose, conducted at our office in Malmö, Sweden, we showcased how we’re continuing to “break the norms” in the industry. When talking about the challenges in changing such hard and fast staples, such as the creamer we put in our coffee, or the milk we drink in the morning, Cecilia McAleavey, Director of Sustainable Eating & Public Affairs at Oatly, pointed out that “of course it’s uncomfortable for many people, change is never easy, but we have no choice if we are going to have a planet for our kids, grandkids, and their kids." “We make our voice heard through commercials, through engaging with NGOs and with like-minded businesses who also want to drive the change.” Being a Changemaker for We Don’t Have Time is a fantastic recognition of these efforts and indeed showcases that any and every business can create powerful, positive change in the world. And if you want to see us on a dedicated Changemaker panel at COP28, just click below to register!

  • Kevin

    30 w

    Very welcome news

    • Rashid Kamau

      30 w

      Super commendable news.

      • Munene Mugambi

        30 w

        This is amazing and I hope to see more people embrace such meals to achieve personal sustainability

        • Princess

          30 w

          Fantastic news.

          • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

            30 w

            Oatly, as a pioneer in oat-based products, emphasizes its commitment to sustainability and health while advocating for a shift in the global food system. The company acknowledges the environmental impact of food choices, particularly the emissions associated with animal-based products. By positioning itself as more than just a food company, Oatly strives to be a catalyst for change in eating habits, aiming for a plant-centric food system to address the climate crisis.

            • Princess

              30 w

              @rukia_ahmed_abdi Oatly's pioneering efforts are notable in reshaping perspectives on plant-based alternatives which is a great initiative.

            • Nancy kawira

              30 w

              It's commendable how Oatly has evolved from a niche milk alternative to a global staple, emphasizing sustainability and health. Going beyond food products to advocate for a systemic shift in the global food industry showcases a commitment to broader environmental impact. Being recognized as one of the We Don't Have Time Changemakers reflects a dedication to meaningful change in the pursuit of a more sustainable future.

              • Princess

                30 w

                @nancy_kawira well done Oatly 👏

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