Climate Emergency: Feedback Loops's post

The world’s forests are responsible for removing a quarter of all human carbon emissions from the atmosphere and are essential for cooling the planet. But that fraction is shrinking as the three major forests of the world—tropical, boreal, and temperate—succumb to the effects of climate feedback loops. The resulting tree dieback threatens to tip forests from net carbon absorbers to net carbon emitters, heating rather than cooling the planet.
Learn the details about how climate feedback loops harm the world's forest and why action to reverse them is so necessary in part 2 of Climate Emergency: Feedback Loops. Watch on YouTube below! 👇🌲🌳⏰

  • Sarah Chabane

    61 w

    Insightful, thank you for sharing!

    • Daniel Waweru

      61 w

      When we take care of the environment, it will to the reciprocation in a great way

      • Evangeline Wanjiru

        61 w

        Our conservation efforts now will determine our sustainability

        • winnie nguru

          61 w

          Nature and everything it embodies ought to be conserved at all cost

          • Tabitha Kimani

            61 w

            Nature is very beautiful, it should be conserved. Humans do not understand that they depend on nature but nature can do without humans.

            • ance Star

              61 w

              Let us preserve our forest for the benefit of our planet

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