Climate warning

Markus Lutteman

3 d


Climate warning

Chevrons carbon offsets are ”mostly junk”

The fossil fuel company Chevron relies on “junk” carbon offsets which are so bad, that in some cases they may actually cause communities harm, according a new report.
Corporate Accountability, a transnational corporate watchdog, has published a new investigation that shows that 93% of the offsets Chevron bought as part of its climate targets between 2020 and 2022 were too environmentally problematic to be classified as anything other than worthless or junk.
The report concludes that ”a major proportion of the schemes it’s investing in as part of its ‘net zero’ plan are linked to claims of local community abuse, environmental degradation, and/or may even be fueling further emissions. Almost all of the harm claimed to have been inflicted is on communities in the Global South.”
Chevron – infamous for continuously lobbying against a green transition – has said that it “aspires” to achieve net zero upstream emissions by 2050. To do this, it is mostly relying on carbon offset schemes – environmental projects meant to cancel out its greenhouse gas emissions – and carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies.
According to @the_guardian, Chevron reported $35.5bn in profits last year, and is the US’s second-largest fossil fuel company.
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Recent findings suggest that Chevron appears to be preventing, not promoting, policies and regulations needed to avert climate catastrophe.

‘Worthless’: Chevron’s carbon offsets are mostly junk and some may harm, research says

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  • Harrison wambui

    2 d

    Chevron should change the strategy to reduce carbon emissions

    • Edwin wangombe

      2 d

      This is really unfortunate... @Chevron should change its strategies and ensure that it reduces is ts carbon offset

      • Peter Kamau

        2 d

        Surely!!How has this been happening in the eyes of agencies tasked with tackling greewashing issues?

        • Patrick Kiash

          2 d

          I detest their greenwashing schemes all the time.

          • Sarah Chabane

            2 d

            Chevron is not a climate clown 🤡 but the whole circus 🎪

            • Ford Brodeur

              2 d

              Chevron 🤝 bad decisions

              • Tabitha Kimani

                2 d

                Many companies benefiting from fossil fuels really do not care about the climate change. Its just not part of their core concerns but they have to be forced to care.

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