Assaad Razzouk's post


1 China wind, solar to overtake coal in 2024

2 Greta UK climate protest lawful

3 Saudi drops plan to boost oil capacity

4 China EVs up 92% y-o-y in January

5 1,100 new US EV stations in 6 months

6 Petrol car sales peaked in 2017

7 UK heat pumps up 49%

This is the premiere of my weekly list of good climate news here on We Don’t Have Time. I hope it can cheer you up.
The list ⬆️ has run for 4 years on other platforms. Follow me on LinkedIn and X to see my previous lists of good climate news. See also The Angry Clean Energy Guy's "Top 10 Good Climate News Stories of 2023" podcast, out now, packed with powerful, consequential climate action:

  • Chris Ndungu

    9 w

    Pleasure to see you working. Amazing progress.

    • Mdshahab Uddin

      9 w

      I like

      • Gea Vox

        9 w

        This is excellent news and something to share widely on social media, to highlight to people that change IS possible, if only we persevere and carry on doing the right thing! 🙌

        • Princess

          9 w

          These positive developments give hope and motivation to continue pushing for further action and change.

          • Saustine Lusanzu

            10 w

            It's an honor to have you here, thank you for the update regarding positive news

            • Ingmar Rentzhog

              10 w

              Love to see you active on We Don't Have Time @assaad_razzouk

              • Esther Wanjiku

                10 w

                Thank you for the amazing overviews

                • Adam Wallin

                  10 w

                  So much climate love to give! Will be great to see these positive stories develop week by week here on We Don't Have Time

                  • Victor Erik Ramos

                    10 w

                    Really needed some good news to be honest. Would love to have links to these stories to read more about them.

                    • Munene Mugambi

                      10 w

                      Great news in climate this week. Now to reduce on the negatives

                      • Petter Körnemark

                        10 w

                        Oh how nice with a positive-only-list. Especially I hope for bullet 1 and that it will become a chain reaction!

                        • Markus Lutteman

                          10 w

                          Great to have you here, @assaad_razzouk. Looking forward to reading these encouraging weekly lists of positive climate news.

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