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Tacton at COP27: “Let’s make buyers of industrial products use environment as a choice point”

During the UN climate conference COP27, Tacton participated in the COP27 Climate Hub broadcast, an on-site and digital event hosted by We Don’t Have Time from Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt. Madeleine Bergrahm, Sustainability Manager at Tacton joined the broadcast from the Swedish hub at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden to talk about how Tacton works to improve the manufacturing industry’s climate ambitions.
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Madeleine Bergrahm joined the COP27 Climate Hub on November 9 to talk about how Tacton’s work can assist in improved climate ambitions in the manufacturing industry

Tacton facilitates the sales of manufactured products with many variants, like elevators and heavy vehicles, through their Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software. The tool is today used by the manufacturing industry to help make their sales process faster, easier, and more correct. But environmental aspects of the products that are often used for decades have not been a part of the purchase decision. Manufacturing is the least ambitious industry in terms of setting climate goals, according to a report from Bain & Company. If Tacton’s tool can show the environmental data of manufactured products, environmental sustainability can be made into a core aspect of the sales discussion.
By displaying the environmental cost in the production, usage, and energy consumption of these products, Tacton’s tool can make it clear that a more sustainable product may be worth paying a little more for since it could for example use less energy or be more sustainable in the long run. It is also a way for manufacturers to show their sustainability work, encouraging them to do better so that they can show their improvements.
Madeleine thinks that showing these data can have a big impact in reducing global emissions: “The manufacturing industry, being responsible for one-fifth of the climate impact, has the least ambitions. So we say: let’s together introduce environmental aspects in the sales process, and make buyers aware that there is an impact. It’s not part of the discussion today.”

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