UN Oceans Patron Lewis Pugh & Actor Peter Stormare Amplify Global Climate Action as Ambassadors for 'We Don't Have Time

UN Patron of the Oceans Lewis Pugh Accepts Role as We Don’t Have Time Ambassador Celebrated Endurance Swimmer Joins Hollywood Actor Peter Stormare in Supporting World’s Largest Climate Action Platform and Digital Broadcaster

News Comes on Eve of UN World Environment Day 2023

Left: Lewis Pugh, Photo credit, Amanda, PR Assistant to Lewis Gordon Pugh Creative commons license, Right: Peter Stormare, Photo credit Simon Cederqvist / TV3, Creative common license.
Left: Lewis Pugh, Photo credit, Amanda, PR Assistant to Lewis Gordon Pugh Creative commons license, Right: Peter Stormare, Photo credit Simon Cederqvist / TV3, Creative common license.

STOCKHOLM--4 June, 2023 The world’s most accomplished and celebrated endurance swimmer and environmental campaigner for healthy oceans and seas, is today unveiled as a We Don’t Have Time Ambassador.
He joins Peter Stormare, the Swedish actor, musician, theatre director and environmentalist whose film credits include Dancer in the Dark, Minority Report, Awakenings, and The Grand Duke of Corsica, in this new and prestigious role.
Lewis, who this year is marking his 10th anniversary as the United Nations Patron for the Oceans, has undertaken some of the most challenging swims ever as part of his quest to encourage governments and all sectors of society to step up action against climate change and pollution.
These include swimming in the Arctic across the geographic North Pole in sub-zero temperatures to alert the world to the melting of the sea ice and across a lake on Mt Everest formed by a melting glacier. Lewis has undertaken similar, often perilous, swims in Antarctica and last year swam across the Red Sea from Saudi Arabia to Egypt to bring his message of urgent action to governments attending the UN Climate Conference, COP27.
He has also swum the length of the English Channel to successfully encourage the UK and other governments to protect 30 per cent of the world’s oceans by 2030.
Lewis, who is planning his next high profile swim to alert the world to the critical relationship between river systems and the health of the world’s seas and oceans, said today: “I am honoured to accept this role as an Ambassador for We Don’t Have Time and its tens of millions of supporters, followers and viewers”.
“We need to communicate the success stories alongside the massive and persistent threats to our global environment if humanity is to step up and hand over a healthy, functioning planet to future generations. We Don’t Have Time has become a new, fresh and important part of this communication and mobilization”. The news comes on the eve of UN World Environment Day whose 2023 theme is #BeatPlasticPollution and as governments are meeting in Paris to take the next steps to finalize a global plastics treaty.

Ingmar Rentzhog, Founder and CEO of We Don’t Have Time, said: “We are all in total admiration of what Lewis has been doing to focus local and global attention on climate change and the oceans and we are honoured that he has accepted this role”.
“He is not only a courageous environmentalist but an amazing storyteller whose ability to bring alive his journeys and his passion for positive change, can assist us in our quest to help solve the multiple crises the world is facing,” he added.
“We are also delighted that Hollywood star Peter Stormare joined us earlier this year. Many people see Peter playing tough guys and bad guys in his films. But what they don’t know is that Peter is in reality one of the good guys--he deeply cares about what is happening to our world and its people as a result of climate change and other environmental crises,” said Ingmar.
Lewis becomes We Don’t Have Time’s second Ambassador following actor Peter Stormare’s acceptance earlier in 2023. The climate action platform’s plan is to initially invite up to 10 special, high profile individuals and environmentalist to part of its evolving ambassadorial team. Peter Stormare said: “Perhaps most people know me as an actor, playwright, theatre director or musician. But I have been a long life environmentalist, born I suppose among the nature and beauty of my native Sweden”.
“But as I look around me today, it is clear that what is happening to our planet simply has to stop. That can only happen if it becomes a number one priority for everyone, everywhere. We Don’t Have Time is using the new digital space in a positive way to bring people together and to showcase to millions that what is happening is not a given. I am delighted to be part of their journey,” he said.
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World Environment Day 2023

  • Munene Mugambi

    54 w

    Having them onboard will definitely amplify our cause's voice

    • Patrick Kiash

      55 w

      Welcome Lewis Pugh and Peter Stormare. Your voices are needed to advocate climate action together in this great platform

      • Tabitha Kimani

        55 w

        And that is why at We Don't Have Time we say 'Together we are the solution to the climate crisis'. No one can fight this battle alone.

        • Annett Michuki..

          55 w

          May his input to the organization be beneficial

          • Sarah Chabane

            55 w

            So cool to have them onboard!

            • Richard Orengo

              55 w

              Participation of global leaders always has an effective impact.

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