Trine at COP28: People, planet, and profit thinking is what the energy transition needs

To reach our climate goals, we need massive investments in renewable energy from companies and individuals. Trine is an investment platform that makes it easy to invest in solar energy in emerging markets, allowing anyone to be a part of the renewable energy transition.
The energy crisis is a crisis on three fronts. The current energy system causes massive carbon emissions while leaving a large part of the global population with lackluster to no access to electricity. At the same time, massive investments are needed to support the infrastructure needed to provide clean energy to every country worldwide.
To tackle this triple threat, solutions are needed that address the needs of people, planet, and profit. At Trine, we provide an investment platform that allows private investors to support solar energy projects in emerging markets. Our CEO and Co-founder, Sam Manaberi, joined the COP28 Climate Hub for an interview to explain how it works and why it's important.
Sam Manaberi, CEO and Co-founder, Trine, spoke about the importance of private investments into the transition to renewable energy at the COP28 Climate Hub.
Sam Manaberi, CEO and Co-founder, Trine, spoke about the importance of private investments into the transition to renewable energy at the COP28 Climate Hub.

“We offer a better return profile than normal investments,” Sam explains, “We invest in solar energy borrowers in emerging and frontier markets with a very direct impact on CO2 abatement as well as a positive impact on people’s lives.”
The projects are diversified geographically to improve the risk profile of the investment, meaning that we support solar energy projects in places such as sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, India, and Latin America. These areas need these investments to reduce carbon emissions and bring people out of energy poverty.
The IEA has estimated that we need investments of $1.3 trillion per year in renewable energy by 2030 to meet our climate goals. But another recent report also made it clear that to succeed in the clean energy transition in emerging markets, we need “upwards of $2 trillion,” Sam added, “and 80 to 90% of that must come from private capital.”
This poses a massive challenge, that everyone who can put their money to good use can help overcome. However, many banks today use the money we invest to increase carbon emissions through investing in carbon-intensive projects across the world. Through Trine, we want to provide an alternative where your money can help solve the climate crisis while you get returns as high as 4 to 8.5% per year, making it easy and profitable to support this transition that supports people, planet, and profit.
If you want to learn more and invest, visit our website and stay tuned to this profile, as we will continue to share about our solution for the coming months.
Watch the full interview below:

About the COP28 Climate Hub

We Don’t Have Time hosted the COP28 Climate Hub, in partnership with Race To Zero, UNDP, the Exponential Roadmap Initiative, and the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty Initiative, amplifying the important high-level discussions at COP28 to a global audience. The live broadcast spanned over 10 days and covered a variety of climate-related topics.
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  • Alireza Makvandi

    16 w

    this message. The approach is good and we also welcome your improvements

    • Trine

      17 w

      Thank you for having us!

      • Rotich Kim

        17 w

        This was significant and really good Thank you Trine we learn alot and we are going to support this move to ensure we get better environment

        • Princess

          17 w

          This is the holistic approach needed for a successful energy transition.

          • Adam Wallin

            17 w

            We don't need fossil fuels to bring prosperity to people, let's put our money where it matters!

            • walter lungayi

              18 w

              Absolutely, a balanced approach considering people, planet, and profit is crucial for a successful energy transition.

              • George Kariuki

                18 w

                It's heartening to see initiatives like Trine actively addressing the threat of the energy crisis.

                • Sarah Chabane

                  18 w

                  Thanks for joining us! It was great to learn more about your work at Trine!

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