Vote Now: Marine Life Protection Map Nominated for a Webby!

Take two minutes of your time to support ocean conservation! ProtectedSeas Navigator, the largest global map of marine life protection, was released online last year, making information on ocean regulation accessible to anyone with an internet connection. For making this information more readily available, the map has now been nominated for a Webby, the most prestigious internet award in the world, and your vote decides which project receives the prize!
Vote for ProtectedSeas Navigator to receive a Webby Award and be a part of showing the importance of marine life protection!
Vote for ProtectedSeas Navigator to receive a Webby Award and be a part of showing the importance of marine life protection!

In July of last year, you could read about the launch of the ProtectedSeas Navigator, a digital, open access, and interactive map of regulatory information of over 21,000 managed saltwater and coast areas worldwide, including the high seas. The map is produced and maintained by ProtectedSeas, an Anthropocene Institute-funded project that has compiled regulation data from around the world and made it digital and easy to understand.
For this work, the ProtectedSeas Navigator has now been nominated for a Webby. This recognition from the “leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet” is a fantastic acknowledgment, showing that raising awareness on marine life protection is an important action both for environmental sustainability and for maintaining the fish populations that are so important for the livelihood of many coastal communities around the world.
To vote for ProtectedSeas Navigator for the Webby, go to the nomination page and click on “Vote” next to the entry for the map:

About ProtectedSeas

The world’s oceans are at risk due to ocean acidification, pollution and overfishing. ProtectedSeas was founded in 2015 to develop innovative technology solutions for ocean conservation with a focus on marine protected areas to help save biodiversity. By presenting these regulations in a way that is easy to understand, ProtectedSeas aims to support ocean conservation efforts globally.
Today, the ProtectedSeas team has developed the most comprehensive resource of regulatory information of marine protected areas in the world and offers a one-of-a-kind marine monitoring solution to enhance awareness of and compliance with ocean protections globally. Read more on
  • George Kariuki

    6 w

    Congratulations for the nomination.

    • Sarah Chabane

      6 w

      Good job! Have voted :D

      • Princess

        6 w

        Congratulations 👏

        • Annett Michuki..

          7 w

          congratulations 🎊

          • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

            7 w

            Congratulations for the warm nomination🥳🥳

            • Markus Lutteman

              7 w

              Congratulations on the nomination!

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