227 Swedish companies urge politicians to speed up the climate transition

More than 220 companies in Sweden – together accounting for almost one-fifth of the country’s GDP – have undersigned an opinion piece urging Swedish politicians to focus on the great business opportunities of the climate transition instead of treating it as mainly a problem.
The opinion piece in Aftonbladet, Sweden's biggest daily newspaper.
The opinion piece in Aftonbladet, Sweden's biggest daily newspaper.

With the general election in Sweden just four days away, a massive gathering of Swedish companies has just delivered a clear message to the political parties: Give us incentives and tougher regulations, to help us take advantage of the enormous business opportunities implied in the climate transition.
The opinion piece was published on Wednesday, September 7, in Aftonbladet, Sweden's biggest daily newspaper with four million daily readers.
The 227 companies have a combined turnover of 1000 billion SEK. This represents almost a fifth of Sweden’s GDP. Among the signatures are CEO:s and other high-level representatives from big companies like Ericsson, Telia, Skanska, Polestar and Postnord, as well as a large number of medium-sized and small companies from all business sectors. The list also includes the airline company Bra, Sweden’s largest fuel company Preem, and ICA, the country’s leading grocery retailer. To see the full list of signatures, scroll to the bottom of the original article.

We Don’t Have Time was the initiator of this joint call to action, together with GoClimate and Exponential Roadmap Initiative.
 ”It is gratifying to see that so many companies want stronger climate regulation and also end the support for the fossil-fuel subsidies. We will never solve the climate crisis if we don’t start phasing out these destructive subsidies now. And we definitely don’t have time to increase them, which unfortunately is part of the election pledges of most Swedish parties”, says Ingmar Rentzhog, CEO and founder of We Don’t Have Time.
The op-ed attracted huge media attention in Sweden. Within the first 24 hours, more than 25 media organizations had picked up the story, and it was widely spread in social media. The op-ed set the political agenda in the biggest news programs on national TV, and it was also picked up by media organizations in France, Australia, the US and many other countries.
Here is a full translation of the opinion piece:


A green transition has the potential to provide a wealth of new opportunities for Swedish businesses and their employees. So why is it that politicians often choose to view it as a necessary evil; something that should be postponed to a future date if possible?
On 25 August, 1,944 researchers and employees of academic institutions signed an opinion piece in the Swedish daily newspaper Aftonbladet with the headline “Politicians, enough is enough – start taking the climate crisis seriously”. The researchers outlined the risks to our climate and environment that will be beyond our control if we don’t expedite a green transition.
Naturally, we agree. The climate crisis poses an existential threat to all, and we need rapid change. By 2030 we need to have halved global CO2 emissions to be in line with the Paris agreement of restricting global warming to a maximum of 1.5°C.
What worries us is that so many of you Swedish politicians only view the transition as a problem, and not the great opportunity it really is. In the same way that Sweden took the lead in digitalization thanks to political decisions and extensive investments, we now have the same opportunity to take the lead on the climate transition. 
The Swedish business sector’s transition to climate friendly operations alone will create a multitude of new jobs. This is where innovations will be developed and where the major export potential can be found. More than half of the world’s combined GDP already originates from companies and organizations that have voluntarily joined the UN’s Race To Zero initiative, thus committed to leaving fossil fuels behind. These operators are now starting to implement stronger, climate friendly demands on their subcontractors and partners.
In political debates, one sometimes hears the question, “Why should Sweden take the lead in the climate transition?”
For us, this question is puzzling. In the business world, taking the lead is a top priority. That’s how you stay relevant, that’s how you finetune your products and services, and that’s how you decide which investments to make. Simply put, becoming climate-conscious is really about future-proofing your business and continuing to stay competitive. 
The companies that take sustainability seriously today are those that will be best equipped to do business tomorrow. And with the climate crisis on everyone’s minds, you can’t attract investors, customers and talent without making this transition. 
For us, it’s a no-brainer. Companies that fail to do so will soon be faced with such stringent environmental requirements from nations, regions, customers and partners that they will be completely excluded from central markets.
This is not some distant future scenario. This is a sweeping change that has already begun. Just look at the automotive market, where key nations and regions welcome investment in new technology with open arms, but will shut their door on new sales of fossil-based cars in just a few years.  
We, the undersigned, don’t want to come second. We want to remain at the forefront. We want to lead the way and show the rest of the world that change is not only possible, but also a recipe for business success.
This is where you politicians come into the picture. Because we can’t do this alone. We need both incentives and tougher regulations from your side, because greener standards will make us perform even better. We need long-term rules and clear goals, because this gives us security when making our investments. 
Some of you might think that we’re already there. We’re not. Today’s extensive and expanding fossil subsidies are keeping yesterday’s technologies on artificial life support, while slowing down the expansion of companies that have invested heavily in taking the next transition step.
In the same way, the proposed decrease in the greenhouse gas reduction mandate for diesel and petrol would pull the rug out from under those companies that have invested heavily in the production of fossil-free fuels. While support programs are obviously needed to deal with a rampant energy crisis, these must be both long-term and designed so that companies which make the transition become winners. 
In order to rapidly move forward, we now need courage and clear political decisions to accelerate the transition, not to hamper it.
We see incredible potential in transitioning to a fossil-free world. We hope you do too. Let’s do this together!
The clock is ticking. And we don’t have time to wait.

Full list of undersigned (titles directly translated from Swedish):
Ingmar Rentzhog, founder and CEO, WeDontHaveTime AB (publ)
Kalle Nilver, founder and CEO, GoClimate
Johan Falk, founder and CEO, Exponential Roadmap Initiative
Mats Pellbäck Scharp, Head of Sustainability, Ericsson
Sara Nordbrand, Head of Group Sustainability, Telia Company
Katarina Thorling, Head of Sustainability, Preem
Kerstin Lindvall, Director Sustainable Business, ICA Sweden
Karin Stenmar, Head of Sustainability, Folksam
Åsa Domeij, Head of Sustainability, Axfood
Erik Wottrich, Head of Sustainability, Tele2 AB
Sara Gorton, Head of Sustainability, SKANSKA Sweden
Louise Wohrne, Head of Sustainability, BillerudKorsnäs
Naznoush Habashian, Head of Sustainability, PostNord
Andreas Gyllenhammar, Head of Sustainability, SWECO
Henrik Tegnér, Strategy and Head of Sustainability, AFRY
Maja Berggren, Quality and Head of Sustainability, Coop butiker and stormarknader AB
Chiara Selvetti, Director Sustainable Business, ATEA
Sandra Klackenborn, Head of Sustainability, Dustin AB
Monika Magnussson, CEO, Apotek Hjärtat
Elin Haapaniemi, Head of Sustainability, Siemens AB
Magdalena Aspengren, Head of Sustainability & Quality, Telenor Sverige AB
Sara Davidsson, Head of Sustainability, Stena Recycling AB
Pamela Morris Williams, Head of Sustainability, Tre Sverige
Anders Carlsson, Head of Sustainability, Derome AB
Jesper Bondesson, Quality and Head of Sustainability, Rusta AB
Pär Larshans, Director of Sustainability, Ragn-Sells
Maria Häger, Director Quality & CR, HKScan Sweden AB
Björn Rentzhog, CEO, Persson Invest
Filip Elland, Chief Sustainability Officer, Castellum AB
Anna Werntoft, Chief Transformation Officer, IKANO Bank AB
Lingyi Lu, Head of Sustainability, Söderberg & Partners
Christoffer Carlsmose, Corporate Head of Sustainability, Menigo Foodservice AB
Ingemar Jansson, Chairman of the board, Digitaliseringskonsulterna
Anna Anderberg, Head of Sustainability, Carlsberg Sverige
Helena Storsten, Head of Sustainability, Swecon Anläggningsmaskiner AB
Pär Svärdson, CEO, Apotea
Johanna Kull, Head of Sustainability, Avanza
Dag Duberg, Head of Sustainability, Tarkett
Stefan Sjöstrand, CEO, Skistar
Staffan Fredlund, Manager Environment and Climate, Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB
Catherine Löfquist, Head of Sustainability, Bring
Alice Devine, Head of Sustainability, Karo Pharma
Hans-Erik Nilsson, Quality and Head of Sustainability, Bilbolaget Nord
Helena Nordin, Chief Sustainability Officer, Advania Sverige AB
Freddy Sobin, CEO, KICKS
Rickard Lyko, founder & CEO, Lyko
Jonas Karlén, CEO, AdLibris
Knut Rost, CEO, Diös Fastigheter
Katri Junna, CEO, Netlight
Hans Redig Bolin, CEO, Cervera
Jörgen Eriksson, CEO, Catena
Måns Alfvén, Co-founder and Partner, Alfvén & Didrikson AB
Mikael Hedström, deputy CEO, Foria
Jessica Malmfors, CEO, Lannebo Fonder
Johanna Lundgren, Head of Sustainability, SPP
Linus Berg, Head of Sustainability, Ocab Sverige
Thomas Örtenberg, CEO, Rosemount Tank Radar AB
Maria Röske, Chairman of the board, 100% Förnybart
Heidi Östlund, Head of Sustainability, Semcon AB
Fredrik Hamilton, CEO, BudBee
Fredrika Klarén, Head of Sustainability, Polestar
Louise Lindroth, Head of Sustainability, Olsson & Co AB
Louise Wall, Head of Sustainability, HSB Riksförbund
Malin Stenkilsson, Market and Head of Sustainability, Scapa Inter
Anna Graaf, Head of Sustainability, White Arkitekter
Maria Fiskerud, Head of Sustainability, BRA Sverige AB
Erik Martinson, CEO and co-founder, Svea Solar
Carl-Magnus Bergenstierna, Quality and Head of Sustainability, Nordvalls Etikett AB
Linda Schuur, Head of Sustainability, Intea
Jan Mattsson, CEO, Tengbom
Patrik Andersson, CEO, Brunswick Real Estate
Rikard Frost, CEO, Filippa K
Johan Björling, Head of Sustainability Nordics, Forbo Flooring AB
Joakim Levin, CEO, Nudie Jeans
Torbjörn Andersson, Head of Sustainability, SDR SVENSK DIREKTREKLAM AB
Vilhelm Broman, Head of Sustainability, Bo Andrén AB
Marie Lantz, CFO, Aura Light International AB
Ulrika Hasselgren, Chief Sustainability Officer, Coeli
Sebastian Holmström, Head of Sustainability, Inrego
Eva Normell, Sustainability Officer, Alder
Gustaf Lilliehöök, Head of Sustainability, Nrep
Marianne Strindin, Head of Sustainability, Beans in Cup AB
Stefan Albertsson, CEO, AddSecure
Eva Karlsson, CEO, Houdini
Sandra Comstedt, Quality and Head of Sustainability, Nevotex AB
Fredrik Sävhammar, CTO & Head of Sustainability, EJOT Sverige AB
Madeleine Bergrahm, Head of Sustainability, Tacton
Daniel Wilded, Sales Manager, Masonite Beams AB
Magnus Palm, Head of Sustainability, Glasgruppen i Sverige AB
Karin Liljegren, Head of Sustainability, Powerpipe Systems AB
Mayako Fagerfjäll, CEO, Bontouch
Mia Steen, CEO, KGM datadistribution AB
Fredrik Hagenius, founder, Campusbokhandeln and YEoS
Björn Samenius & Mats Rydsund, Owners, Artex
Natalie Ericsson , CTO & Head of Sustainability, Mellansvenska Städ AB
Magnus Rydell, CEO, Trangia AB
Johnny Warström, founder and CEO, Mentimeter
Niclas Sahlgren, CEO, Eways
Andreas Eneving, Head of Sustainability, FLINTAB AB
Linda Fransson, CEO, Gnosjö Automatsvarvning AB
Johan von Wachenfeldt, CEO, Arkitekterna Krook & Tjäder AB
Olle Rydqvist, founder, PE-accounting
Lucas Pontén, Quality and Head of Sustainability, Svensk Emballageteknik AB
Johan Attby, CEO, Fishbrain
Björn Fant, CEO and founder,
Mathias Hjerpe, Quality and Head of Sustainability, TI Fluid Systems
Annachiara Torciano, Head of ESG and Communication, Slättö
Sofia Widengren, Head of Sustainability, Pinpointer AB
Sofia Austern Björkman, CEO, Reklambyrån Volt
Lise Tormod, CEO, Cordial AB
Nickie Excellie, Head of Sustainability, Alecta Fastigehter
Emma Östlund, Head of Sustainability, ETTELVA Arkitekter
Anton Johansson, founder and CEO, Grebban Design AB
Alain Visser, CEO, Lynk & Co
Cornilla Von Plumgren, CEO, ZeroMission
Istvan Kasa, owner & CEO, , pecialverktyg I Norrköping AB
Maria Brolin, co-founder, Svea Vind Offshore
Zandra Rauchwerger, CEO, Antrop AB
Johan Merkel, Project Manager, Bergsundet
Magnus Cramne, CFO, DocuPartner AB
Markus Ekelund, CEO, 2050 Consulting AB
Jenny Brusk, Head of Sustainability, Science Park SköCEOe
Erik Oskarsson, CEO, Rouse AB
Fredrik Zettergren, CEO and founder, Sensebit-gruppen
Stefan Fragner & Marie Stolt, Co-CEOs, Understatement AB
Erica Ohlsson, Head of Sustainability, 421 Resource Management AB
Karin Ruiz, Vice president, Sting
Martin Johansson, CEO, Layer Ten Collective AB
Josef Ingvarsson, Head of CX & Sustainability, Mestro AB
Mia Barkland, CEO, Trossa
Yasemin Arhan Modéer, CEO, Altitude Meetings AB
Niclas Winroth, founder & CEO, Beyond Retail
Patrik Illerstig, co-founder & CEO, Carla AB
Sven Wolf, CEO, Bzzt AB
Christian Patay, CEO, Tricorona Climate Partner AB
Isabella Palmgren, CEO, Mimbly AB
Johan Löfquist, Head of Sustainability Data, Worldfavor
Hampus Jakobsson, General Partner, Pale Blue Dot
Johan Aronsson, CEO, Marknadsbyrån i Skandinavien AB
Louise König, CEO, The New Division
Niclas Carlsson, founder, Founders Alliance
Jonas Grenfeldt, founder, Panang Kommunikation AB
Jarl Bengtson, Head of Sustainability, Climate Recovery
Johan Forsberg, co-founder, DigJourney AB
Jonas Ljungström, Senior Partner, Naventus Corporate Finance
Tobias Engström, CEO, Klevgränd
Tomer Shalit, founder, ClimateView
Anna Ryott, founder, Heart17
Kristian Rönn, founder & CEO, Normative
Daniel Dellham, co-founder and Sustainability Expert, Deedster
Joakim Byström, CEO, Absolicon Solar Collector AB
Henning Eliasson, founder and CEO, KJ Nordic AB
Patrik Lundström, CEO, Renewcell
Ola Lowden, founder and CEO, Omocom
Tanmoy Bari, CEO, Greenely AB
Jonas Stålhandske, CEO, Biofrigas Sweden AB
Patrick Stahl, CEO, Perfect Life AB
Ulrika Erkenborn Rugumayo, CEO, Transformity
David Bryngelsson, founder and CEO, CarbonCloud
Jonas Brandt, CFO, Arvet Trä AB
Therese Ruth, founder and CEO, Hemma
Bo Nilsson, founder and CEO, A Sustainable Tomorrow
Robert Sabelström, founder and CEO, Climate Hero AB
David Andersson, founder and CEO, Svalna AB
Nils Bohlin, co-founder and chariman of the board, Innoventum AB
Ted Elvhage, Chairman of the board, Keiretsu Forum Nordics AB
Annika Sundin, CEO, co-veten Kommunikation Stockholm AB
Sonja Blom, CEO, Seemly MRS
Gustav Johansson, Entrepreneur, Jävligt gott
Petter Palander, founder, Climate Action Agency
Sara Mellström, founder, Ekonomilyftet i Stockholm AB
Mikael Emtinger, founder, Montjing AB
Per Hässler, founder and CEO, Your Company AB
Sara Jansson, Sustainability co-ordinator, LIFE Academy
Gustaf Forsberg, Farmer and CEO, NitroCapt AB
Kerstin Cooley, Managing Partner, Brightly Ventures
Maria Svantemark, co-founder and CEO, SustainLab
Malin Thorsén, CEO, Bright Planet AB
Cozette Wachtmeister, CEO, Removement
Catarina Rolfsdotter-Jansson, CEO, Rolfsdotter AB
Björn Larsson, CEO, The ForeSight Group
Mattias Weerasooriya, COO and co-founder, Wellfish AB
Jonas Öste Klevhag, Director Collaborations, The Bridge by Altitude
Tanya Horowitz, General Partner, Butterfly Ventures
Magnus Bergman, General Partner, Luminar Ventures
Maria Smith, Secretary general, Ax Foundation
Nina Ekelund, Secretary general, Hagainitiativet
Magnus Granér, founder, 1000 skis
Karin Sundby, founder, Ideando AB
Susanne-Wedin Schildt, founder, Ocean Community
Rodrigo Muñoz, founder, Planet Ventures
Linda Fragner, founder, Upgreen AB
Paul Berggren, founder and CEO, Acamp tech AB
Erika Johansson, founder and CEO, Cirquality and Fellow Future
Maria Ingels Carlsson, founder and CEO, Green communication
Therese Lundquist, founder and CEO, Green Little Heart
Johan Lind, founder and CEO, Klimio AB
Robin Rushdi Al-salehi, founder and CEO, Vakansa
Simon Werbart Flato, founder and CEO, Sustainergies
Christine Ehrlander, Head of Sustainability, Sveland Djurförsäkringar
Anette Nordvall, Investment manager, Cross Nordic Capital
Ulrika Wilhelmsson, Co-founder and CEO, UTurn
Nina Isaksson, Partner, Lub Dub Denim AB
Svante Forsberg, Chairman of the board, Styrelseakademien
Helena Torhage, CEO, Backing The Future AB
Ulf Söderström, CEO, byWiT AB
Lotta Bångens, CEO, EnergiEffektiviseringsFöretagen
Mikael Nilsson, CEO, Facilitator International
Linda Bjernstål, CEO, Forestcarb
Erik Huss, CEO, Husstainability AB
Peter Wolpert, CEO, Industrifonden
Clara Lidberg, CEO, Panter AB
Jan Peter Bergkvist, CEO, SleepWell AB
Ylva Hedman, CEO, Tänkvärt Företag AB
Patric Wichmann, CEO, Triple P Wichmann AB
Rasmus Lind, CEO and founder, Learning Leader Sweden AB,
Sanna Norén, Head of Sustainability, H2 Entreprenad
Ulrika Almquist, CEO, Brid
Tobias Bard, CEO, Prototyp
Johan Svenungsson, Partner, Accigo AB
Karl Andersson, CEO, Matsmart
Johanna Ossiansson, Head of Sustainability, AB Tingstad Papper
Fredrik Lindberg, CEO, Vernum Fastigheter
Sara Jägermo, Real Estate and Head of Sustainability, Vacse AB
Johan Tiselius, Head of Sustainability, Infranode
Lisa Wahlström, Head of Sustainability, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners
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