It’s not game over, it’s game on – Inspiring Climate Action Through Gaming

In a groundbreaking initiative, Tradewater has teamed up with Earthshot and Epic Games to leverage the immense popularity of Fortnite, one of the world’s most beloved games, to inspire climate action among young people. A new in-game island will feature gameplay goals that mirror concrete climate actions in the real world, and enable companies and organizations to create partnerships to highlight their climate commitments in this new space.
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Tradewater has partnered with Earthshot and Epic Games to transform the Fortnite in-game universe and inspire climate action through interactive gameplay. We have combined the monumental appeal of Fortnite with the opportunity for an interactive generation to see firsthand the impactful climate solutions making a real difference for our planet, today.
With Eminem’s in-game Fortnite concert reaching 3 million concurrent viewers, it is clear that many people, especially the younger generations, care about what happens in this digital universe. By leveraging this attention to empower climate action, our goal is to inspire hope and efficacy in young people that will be crucial to overall climate efforts in the decades to come.

The Power of Gaming for Climate Education

In the third-person shooter game Fortnite, players are placed on an island where they compete to be the last one standing, using various weapons and other abilities to eliminate all other players. Adding a new and innovative spin, this partnership introduces a custom-designed island where gamers can work together, eliminating climate threats instead of enemies, and learning as they engage in hands-on climate solutions.
The island is more than just a virtual playground; it is a digital environment where the real-world consequences of climate change are brought to life through interactive gameplay. Players are tasked with collecting canisters of old refrigerants, plugging leaking oil wells, and racing against time in parkour challenges. Each of these activities mirrors critical real-world actions necessary to combat climate change, providing players with a tangible connection to the solutions needed to save our planet.
Each activity on the island provides players with bonus time added to their score, symbolizing the extra time these solutions provide in the real world to decarbonize and prevent further warming. This gameplay mechanic helps players understand the urgency and importance of these climate actions, making the learning experience both fun and impactful. If you want to learn more about the island, you can do so on this webpage.
In the new Fortnite island, players work together to take climate action in a race against time.
In the new Fortnite island, players work together to take climate action in a race against time.

A Partnership Driven by Shared Goals

Tradewater, a mission-driven B-Corp focused on preventing non-CO2 greenhouse gas emissions, and Earthshot, a non-profit dedicated to showcasing clean technology innovations through digital platforms, share a common vision of preserving our planet for future generations. By joining forces with Epic Games, we have created a path toward a sustainable world that is as exciting as it is educational.
The partnership is about more than just raising awareness; it is about shifting the narrative and actively involving young people in the fight against climate change. Through this collaboration, we aim to co-create a path toward a sustainable world.

Collaboration is the winning strategy

Do you want to be a part of this initiative, and tell your story of impact in a truly unique way? By joining Tradewater’s efforts, you can match in-game actions with carbon offset commitments, highlight your climate efforts through content that can be shared on your media channels, and encourage your customers and employees to participate in the gameplay experience.
Get in touch and learn more about possibilities for innovating together: contact Sean Kinghorn at
  • Louisa Radice

    1 d

    How does Earthshot feel about Prince William using their name for his environmental awards?

    • Patrick Kiash

      1 w


      • George Kariuki

        1 w

        This is a fun and impactful way to gamers, this is your chance to make a difference!

        • Annett Michuki..

          1 w

          so inspiring

          • Adam Wallin

            1 w

            The gaming community is surprisingly engaged in social issues, with charity events and similar being a common occurence. Encouraging climate action in a space where they are already filled with agency and excitement is a great step to make the climate crisis more graspable for younger people. A fanstastic initiative in my book!

            • Sarah Chabane

              1 w

              This is great because that's how we reach the younger generations! Is it available for anyone to join?

              • Simon Bergbom

                2 w

                Love this!

                • Johannes Luiga

                  2 w

                  Such a great idea 😊

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