Spritju: Making Emissions from Energy Transparent and Traceable

We want to buy more responsibly, but how can we see through attempts of greenwashing? Spritju is an Aban Foundation-founded company that reduces greenwashing in the energy sector by making each kWh of electricity traceable and its emissions calculated, fully transparently, and visible to the consumer. Recently, Spritju signed experienced industry professional Ulla Sandborgh to support the company’s journey to enable 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy for everyone.
Responsible consumerism is on the rise. People of the millennial generation – around 1.8 billion people worldwide – are coming to an age where their consumption is peaking. However, the consumer incentives aren’t what we typically see. Many millennials associate consumption with values other than money – values like their own health, the local origin of the product, and the product’s contribution to the sharing economy. Moreover, only 7% of millennials would consider themselves loyal to brands, meaning that they constantly evaluate the products they buy based on these values.
This concept of responsible consumerism also naturally extends to the energy market. Power generation is the primary source of carbon emissions, and consumers want to be sure that the electricity they get from their outlets has the smallest carbon footprint possible. Unfortunately, the tools to verify this currently do not exist. In the European Union, the Guarantee of Origin system gives customers unreliable information on their electricity consumption mix.
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Introducing Spritju

At Aban Foundation, we want to provide better tools for consumers wanting to purchase and use electricity responsibly. For this, we have founded the company Spritju, a software company that provides energy traceability as a service by matching each kWh of electricity consumption to its consecutive generation at each hour. This means that every time you consume electricity, Spritju matches the electricity to where it was produced, and calculates the carbon emissions for each unit of electricity you consume.
With patent-pending AI and blockchain technologies to enable this, Spritju is a first-of-its-kind solution bringing transparency and traceability to a field where this has previously been impossible. Our mission is to reduce greenwashing and make it easier for you to consume power more responsibly. To support this mission, we recently had Ulla Sandborgh join us as an advisory board member, bringing extensive experience from the IT and telecom industries as well as the power grid and energy markets. Ulla Sandborgh was the director general and CEO of the Swedish transmission system operator, Svenska kraftnät, 2017-2019. Before her position as director general and CEO, she worked five years as Executive Vice President for the Marketing and System Development Department at Svenska kraftnät, from 2012 to 2017. Since June 2023 Ulla Sandborgh has been a board member at Primrock.
Ulla Sandborgh recently joined as an advisory board member of Spritju, supporting the mission to reduce greenwashing in the energy sector.
Ulla Sandborgh recently joined as an advisory board member of Spritju, supporting the mission to reduce greenwashing in the energy sector.

Be a part of the change

Spritju is on a journey to support companies that want carbon-free energy in their operations and therefore has joined the UN-led 24/7 Carbon-Free-Energy Compact. By improving verification systems beyond renewable energy credits and towards clean energy certificates, companies, and individuals can ensure that their energy consumption is truly green without greenwashing.
Want to learn more? Take a look at our website, follow us here on We Don’t Have Time and on LinkedIn, and submit an application if you want to work with us.
  • Chris Ndungu

    7 w

    Accuontability can only be enhaced by an individual if only there will be transparency & traceability. This is too important.

    • George Kariuki

      7 w

      Spritju can empower individuals to make a difference while contributing to a cleaner and more equitable energy system.

      • Munene Mugambi

        8 w

        By providing reliable information on the carbon footprint of each kWh of electricity, this will enable responsible consumerism and support the growing trend of millennials evaluating products based on values like sustainability and health. Overall, a good move for all.

        • Sarah Chabane

          8 w

          This is very important, but how will that work in practice for the consumer? :)

          • Boniface Kuria

            8 w

            Transparency and traceability=Accountability.

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