Aban Foundation at COP28: “Sustainability goals and business success should go hand in hand”

Schools and companies can work together in an ecosystem to reach our sustainability goals. At Aban Foundation, we want to build an ecosystem of organizations that include sustainable practices from the start, while solving problems and contributing to society. Starting with sustainable schools and sustainable energy solutions, we have only gotten started!
Why use offsetting to compensate for your unsustainable practices when you can integrate sustainability into your core business and eliminate the need for offsetting? This is the goal of the Aban Foundation, to build businesses that are sustainable from the start, and therefore do not need to do any offsetting. Our CEO Ahmad Karnama joined the COP28 Climate Hub to share our vision and mission and introduce Spritju, one of the companies founded within our mission.
The Aban Foundation is the world’s first “founcorp”, a new form of company that analyzes existing organizations, evaluates what is missing to achieve a better future, and kickstarts companies that fill that void. We have found that we need more companies that are designed to do everything in line with the global sustainability goals, instead of compensating for practices that harm our long-term sustainability. “This concept of ‘founcorp’ is a sort of evolution of organizations, that whatever they do is connected to the sustainability goals and visions and they contribute to the business success as well. I mean, those things should come hand in hand,” explained Ahmad.
To accomplish this, we have a vision of building one school with the highest sustainability standards in each country. “We have started to develop and identified the countries where we want to build our initial schools,” said Ahmad, adding that the first three countries that are being vetted for these schools are in the Middle East, and fundraising has started for their construction.
Ahmad Karnama spoke about having sustainability as your core business at the COP28 Climate Hub.
Ahmad Karnama spoke about having sustainability as your core business at the COP28 Climate Hub.

When asked why these schools are so important, Ahmad emphasized the ecosystem aspect of the Aban Foundation, where the businesses being founded need to contribute to and be a part of society. Schools are an important element in promoting and integrating sustainability into society.
Beyond building schools, the foundation also works to create innovative and important businesses, of which Spritju is one of the first and tackling an outstanding energy issue. The energy sector is the sector predominantly responsible for climate change, as 73% of the total carbon emissions in the world are from energy. One major barrier to reducing these emissions currently is the lack of transparency – energy is one of the least traceable products in the world. When you turn a lamp on, you cannot know where the electricity comes from.
“That’s why we developed Spritju, which will provide more transparency and traceability in the energy sector, and make sure that if you consume some sort of energy you will know the source of the energy consumption at each hour,” said Ahmad, “and we want to go even more granular in the long run as we move forward.”
Moving forward, we hope to return to next year’s COP with news about how we have built more schools and companies like Spritju to create an ecosystem that creates impact across different initiatives in different sectors with minimal environmental impact. Follow this profile over the next few months as we will share more about our foundation and how we are contributing to solving the climate crisis!
You can watch the full interview below, and visit our website to learn more about us.

About the COP28 Climate Hub

We Don’t Have Time hosted the COP28 Climate Hub, in partnership with Race To Zero, UNDP, the Exponential Roadmap Initiative, and the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty Initiative, amplifying the important high-level discussions at COP28 to a global audience. The live broadcast spanned over 10 days and covered a variety of climate-related topics.
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  • Katrin Gregon

    4 w

    It is important to use new advanced technological solutions in the development of any business. I succeeded, and all thanks to Their help in creating a mobile application brought me good income and fame. So, it is very important to develop and follow new trends.

    • Rotich Kim

      16 w

      I love how he air out his point clearly and boldly

      • George Kariuki

        16 w

        I agree. Notably, addressing sustainability challenges through interconnected businesses and initiatives, like sustainable schools and energy traceability, creates a broader impact than individual solutions.

        • dickson mutai

          16 w

          Aban Foundation's emphasis on education and societal contribution underscores the vital link between sustainable business practices and societal well-being. Remarkable initiative

          • Munene Mugambi

            16 w

            A sustainable business is a profitable business. Know this and know how to become sustainable

            • Kevin

              16 w

              Well articulated

              • Adam Wallin

                17 w

                Well said! We need to reimagine how our businesses are built!

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