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Climate warning

New Zealand sea level rising faster than forecast

Sea levels are rising twice as fast as expected in some parts of the New Zealand archipelago, according to projections from a research program named ”NZ SeaRise" conducted over five years by dozens of local and international scientists. Data collected along the country's coastline show that some areas are already sinking by 3 to 4 millimeters per year, speeding up a long-expected threat. This is a faster rate than expected and leaves less time for authorities to plan and adapt to the consequences of climate change. If sea levels rise by about half a meter worldwide by 2100, they are expected to rise by nearly a meter in large parts of the archipelago, according to Tim Naish, co-director of the program. The cause is climate change, which is melting the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets and causing the thermal expansion of the oceans. But not only that. The land of the archipelago is also sinking. The situation would be particularly catastrophic for Wellington, the capital city, as it could experience a 30 cm rise in sea level by 2040. This was not expected until 2060! This could result in annual flooding and damage to the people of Wellington. Auckland, the country's largest city, is also particularly vulnerable. "We still have time, but we don't have time to sit back any longer," said Tim Naish. Scientists from the NZ SeaRise program have developed an online tool that allows residents and authorities to check forecasts for their area to assess the risk of flooding and erosion. This is a climate warning for world governments: the climate crisis is happening now, #WeDontHaveTime. I know that New Zealand already acts on climate change, but now it is time to accelerate the pace of action. To Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s Prime Minister: what is your plan to tackle the climate crisis? How do you plan to adapt cities to survive rising seas? Read more (FR): Read more (ENG): Source: map from NZ SeaRise

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