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Nuclear Power for electricity is one pathway to beat fossil fuel dependence. What's your thoughts and fears when it comes to nuclear? Read a little sampled post over the same below: Climate change is a global issue that requires coordinated action across nations, organizations, and individuals. Nuclear Power is a low-carbon, reliable, affordable and abundant energy source that, alongside renewables, provides the fastest path to achieving Net Zero by 2050 and a secure energy future. The multiple peaceful applications of nuclear science and technology will also help us fulfil the UN Sustainable Development Goals and achieve a sustainable future for all. Nuclear is an abundant, reliable, affordable and clean energy source that complements Renewables; ● Nuclear has been a key low-carbon energy source for over 60 years. With around 440 reactors in operation more than countries, Nuclear accounted for 10% of global electricity production at the end of 2021. Together with Renewables, 37% of electricity generation worldwide is low-carbon, with the remaining 63% coming from fossil fuels. ● The lifetime CO2 emissions of Nuclear relative to the energy it provides, or ‘carbon intensity’, is very low, similar to that of Wind, Solar and Hydropower. Nuclear Power is also one of the safest forms of electricity generation on par with Wind and Solar. New Nuclear, incorporating advances in fuel technology and passive safety systems, will improve Nuclear’s already excellent safety records.

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