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By putting the people at less stress over warming or change

Climate Change facts You need to be aware of the facts, not the hype. I am a real physical scientist with publications in the primary literature. I did research at the Biomedical Division at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory. 30,000 plus real physical scientists signed a petition that there is no evidence for human caused climate change. 18,000 of them have a PhD. Degree. This is on line at Arthur Robinson a Cal Tech graduate publishes a newsletter called Access to Energy. He also wrote within it that there is a tested way to place reflective particles in the upper atmosphere to help cool the Earth if that is ever necessary. This would be much less expensive than banning fossil fuels> God said be fruitful and multiply in Genesis. The CO2 is “plant fertilizer”. I’m glad you don’t frighten the pubic and help waste money on supporting further research into this fraud. Satellite monitoring of the Earth from 1982 to 1999 determined the Earth was 6% greener. That translated to 12.5 BILLION metric tons of carbon dioxide taken out of the atmosphere. This fact was reported in Science News.

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