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Tomorrow, 12/12/2023, the second update to the Carbon Footprint Guide will be issued by the writer, Ambassador Mostafa Sherbiny, Head of the Scientific Chair for Carbon Footprint and Sustainability at ALECSO, at the League of Arab States, under the name “The Guide to Calculating the Carbon Footprint of Business”
This comes on the anniversary of the first edition of the “Guide to Calculating the Carbon Footprint for Business” dated 12/12/2022, which is the first guide to calculating the carbon footprint in the Arab world in the Arabic language. Professor Dr. Hanem Al-Sheikh, under the scientific supervision and review of Professor Dr. Muhammad Etman, President of the National Institute for Quality, and Professor Dr. Noha Samir Donia, Dean of the Faculty of Environmental Studies and Research at Ain Shams University
3 chapters have been added to the new edition in accordance with the new international disclosure standards in sustainability and climate risk assessment, IFRS-S1 S1, IFRS-S2 for the International Sustainability Council (ISSB), the European Union Sustainability Directive (CSRD), for ESRS standards, and the Carbon Limit Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM).
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