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Climate warning

Japan's LNG Funding in the US is a Betrayal of People and Planet for Profit

Louisiana's shrimpers, the backbone of coastal communities, are facing a crisis. Their way of life, passed down for generations, is under threat from a surge in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminals funded by Japanese banks and corporations with support from the US government. Let this article serve as a stark warning to the governments – your investments prioritize corporate greed over the well-being of people and the environment. The consequences of this LNG boom are dire. Shrimpers report declining catches and dying ecosystems around these terminals. Industrial waste and pollution are choking the very lifeblood of these communities. These problems are not simply anecdotal; the shrimpers themselves are experiencing health issues they attribute to the environmental degradation. This race to exploit Louisiana's resources for a quick profit comes at a human cost. Shrimpers are not faceless statistics – they are families who have relied on these waters for their livelihoods for generations. Their way of life, and the culture it sustains, is under threat. The blame for this crisis falls squarely on the shoulders of the Japanese and American governments. By allowing and funding these LNG projects, you are not just turning a blind eye to the suffering you are causing – you are actively enabling it. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and President Joe Biden, we urge you to take immediate action. Visit the affected communities in Louisiana. See firsthand the devastation your investments are wreaking. Talk to the shrimpers, listen to their stories, and witness the dying ecosystem. Then, take decisive action. Halt funding for new LNG projects. Invest instead in renewable energy sources. There is a future where Japan and America can meet their energy needs without sacrificing the well-being of people and the planet. Choose that future.

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  • Ann Nyambura

    4 w

    It's time for leaders to prioritize the well-being of communities over corporate interests.

    • George Kariuki

      5 w

      This is outrageous. Industrial greed is destroying communities and ecosystems in Louisiana. Invest in for a sustainable future, not profits at the expense of people and planet.

      • walter lungayi

        6 w

        Very disappointing!! They should advocate for renewable energy alternatives, engage in dialogue with community, and support initiatives promoting sustainable energy development. Additionally, People should raise awareness about the environmental and social impacts of fossil fuel investments which will encourage broader public scrutiny and pressure for change.

        • Elizabeth Gathigia

          6 w

          They priotize profit over people and the people, a big disappointment! they should be ashamed

          • Kevin

            6 w

            Japan advancing very great climate goals and funding lpg in the US speaks volumes of their double standards in the climate journey.

            • winnie nguru

              4 w

              @Kevin They need to decide to which side they belong

            • winnie nguru

              6 w

              This is the definition of betrayal. They need to apologize and cut funding

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