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Lenrage working on sustainable mining for reduced carbon footprint
Lenrage working on sustainable mining for reduced carbon footprint

Lenrage Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Consultancy (LNR OSHE) is a consultancy that focuses on the safety and health of an individual at work and on the environment.
Representing Lenrage is Hellen Tsitsi Nekati. Co-founder of Lenrage Occupational Safety Health and Environmental Consultancy. As a Consultancy the organisation has worked on various OSHE advisory projects. LNR has co-partnered and has been an active member in the Young miners' foundation in Zimbabwe and aired on national radio on yafm topics themed around green mining.
Green mining is the type of mining that ensures there is sustainable mining, protecting the environment and reducing the carbon footprint, hence also reducing carbon emissions that contribute to ozone depletion and hence climate change.
The topics covered as a partnership are as per the images.
Currently have been working with industries on consultation and am a potential sub-contractor for Standards association of Zimbabwe for auditing iso 9001, 45001 and 14001(EMS). Lenrage works with all types of industries, high voltage electrical, farming, mining, construction, manufacturing, food etc. This is to ensure all industrial companies are compliant with environmental laws and management.
Lenrage offers trainings for Occupational Safety, HIRAS ( Hazard Identification and Risk assessment), dashboards, supervisor trainings, Leadership training, Gap analyses, Climate change management, water footprints, carbon footprints, Wastewater management, Sanitation but to mention a few of the trainings we do.
Lenrage also has a team that does hygiene surveys for your companies.ie light surveys, ergonomics surveys, noise surveys, boiler emission testing for hazardous gases.
Have participated in EIAS and SEIAs in the mining industry.
Green mining series on Reclamation and rehabilitation
Green mining series on Reclamation and rehabilitation

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