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One of Asia's leading think tanks, Center for study of Science, Technology & Policy (CSTEP) along with by Clean Air Fund, Berkeley Air and Orbis Air has released their latest study titled ‘The Case for Action on Black Carbon’ during a side event at COP28.
The study highlights the importance of reducing black carbon emissions, alongside deep decarbonisation, to help avoid climate tipping points, build resilience and deliver clean air. It points out a gap between the growing evidence on black carbon’s regional climate impacts and its absence from global climate strategies.
The report summarises the latest science on this sooty pollutant, which is emitted from the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels, biomass, and waste, and its important role in speeding up the melting of snow and ice in the Arctic, the Himalayas and the Andes, disrupting monsoon patterns in West Africa and India, and worsening the effects of dangerous heatwaves. In addition to these climate impacts, the study shows how closely black carbon emissions are associated with major health problems, with marginalised and indigenous communities found to be at most risk from inhaling emissions from residential biofuel and kerosene burning.

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