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Exciting #SET100 News: Thrilled to spotlight @Ndustrial, a #SET23 standout, as they unveil ColdOS, a game-changer in cold chain logistics! 🌡️ 🌟 What Sets Ndustrial Apart? Ndustrial is revolutionizing cold chain management by offering an open platform that enables companies to digitally transform and gain unparalleled business insights for a sustained competitive advantage. With real-time data and actionable insights, they monitor over 400 facilities, providing tailored solutions to cut costs, fast-track decarbonization, and ensure food safety. Built on their Nsight Energy Intensity Platform, ColdOS takes it up a notch. This latest suite enables facilities to: ✅ Streamline refrigeration 📈 Monitor performance in real-time 🌡️ Get temperature alerts 🔌 Manage eTRU shore power services Jason Massey, Founder and CEO at Ndustrial, highlights the financial benefits: "Thermal flywheeling and COP optimization are easy starting points for cold chain facilities. One site saved $175k in a summer!” Find out more about their innovation 👉

#Innovation #EnergyEfficiency #Sustainability #EmergingTech
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