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Marine Stephan

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Only 37% of women in the COP27 party delegations

The Carbon Brief has calculated how many women and men attended COP27 this year based on the delegates registered for the summit, and no surprise here: we are far from an equal representation... "The gender balance across all party delegations at COP27 is 63% male to 37% female, which is similar to recent COPs. And there are just two all-male delegations this year – the fewest of any climate COP." There are two all-male delegations registered for COP27 – North Korea and Turkmenistan. This is a far cry from the first COP in Berlin in 1995, where 105 of the 166 delegations were all-male. An improvement has been made, but this is far from enough. I wish the UNFCCC would try even harder to ensure gender balance and make it possible to have a mixed presidency of the COPs and equal representation of women in the COP leadership team as the NGO SHE Changes Climate proposes. I know that the UNFCCC isn't the sole one responsible for this unequal representation, but I wish that more was done. ❓What do you think can be done to improve women's representation in the party delegations of COP? Read more: About SHE Changes Climate proposal:

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  • Elisabeth Green

    24 w

    To achieve equality, the pendulum has to swing in the opposite direction for an equal amount of time before it can settle in the middle. We need 100% female COPs for the upcoming 4 years.

    • Sarah Chabane

      24 w

      I am wondering if they are even trying at this point...

      • Patrick Kiash

        24 w

        I like "she" proposals. Well maybe each member of cop, can be sending 50-50 in each year cop, that can be so good for gender balance.

        • Tabitha Kimani

          24 w

          Imagine if majority were women in this delegations. I think we could have more actions than talks for the sake of our children.

          • Marine Stephan

            24 w

            @tabitha_kimani I agree 100%. It has been proven by studies that having more women in positions of power (in Parliaments, governments...) was making the country adopt more environmental friendly policies

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