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Most people want to eat more healthy & sustainably.
Yale University study revealed that 90% of surveyed Americans wanted to eat more plants, but less than 10% actually did.
At Your Beet, we argue that the current outdated food system makes changing our food habits extremely difficult.
Your Beet is a smart personal Food Assistant that helps consumers simplify the everyday around food planning & shopping with smart personalised Plant Based recipe recommendations, optimized nutrition and 1 click grocery check-out.
Our mission is to help people succeed with everyday choices and form new habits. Win the day to win the year - as they say. By making the everyday life easy, we can succeed with the overall goal of living more healthy & sustainable lives.
We are a female founded startup from Sweden, and a new community member on We Don't Have Time.
We would love to hear your thoughts on how we can help more people make the transition to healthy & sustainable way of eating.

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