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In 2021, we announced our breakthrough fat ingredient. Using fungi, we created an animal-free fat mimicking real animal fat - Mycolein. Now, after optimising our unique emulsion stabilising technology that enabled the creation of this functional fat ingredient, the recipe has been thoroughly tested and validated and is ready for the market. Its unique properties enable a behaviour similar to animal fat, slowly melting while cooked, encapsulating and releasing the flavour. It adds juiciness and enhanced flavours and can even create marbled products. Mycolein is a Clean Label, low-fat product to be utilised in any type of product, whether it’s plant-based, alternative protein, or even meat.

Mycorena Partners With Leading European Companies to Commercially Launch Fungi-Stabilised Fat Mycolein™

The pioneer clean-label fat, first announced by developer Mycorena in 2021, is going to the market after significant research and product trials. During a substantial optimisation process of the patent-pending emulsion technology, Mycolein has been stabilised and proven flavour encapsulation, surpassing plant-based options in functionality. Mycorena produce Fungi-based alternative protein for the food industry. Promyc® is a fungi-based natural ingredient produced by Mycorena. It can be used as meat replacement or dairy alternative.

  • Sarah Chabane

    7 w

    That's super cool! It will be interesting to try it, it could really elevate vegan cooking!

    • Adam Wallin

      7 w

      This seems like something that has been sorely missed in plant based cooking, can't wait to try it!

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