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Sustainability does entail efforts, yet it is not solely about forgoing things.

If we consistently depict it as a burden, we risk alienating public support.

Whilst it necessitates efforts in terms of time, money, and commitment, the pivotal message is that concentrating on sustainability can genuinely enhance our well-being and sense of purpose, rather than fixating on what we must forgo personally and as a society.

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  • Munene Mugambi

    30 w

    Sustainability can only be achieved through making small changes that lead to a big change. It's not an effort if done well, it will be a habit

    • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

      30 w

      The message emphasizes that sustainability involves more than sacrifices; portraying it solely as a burden may risk losing public support. While it requires efforts in terms of time, money, and commitment, the key takeaway is that focusing on sustainability can enhance our well-being and sense of purpose. Shifting the narrative from personal and societal sacrifices to the positive impact on our lives underscores the importance of a collective commitment to sustainability. #ClimateActionNow encourages a perspective that sees sustainability not just as an obligation but as a pathway to a better future. Read more for insights on embracing sustainability as a source of well-being and purpose.

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