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Climate warning

The UK government opened a fresh round of licensing to drill new oil and gas fields

The UK government opened a fresh round of licensing after a three-year hiatus while it hosted the UN climate change conference in Glasgow.A total of 115 bids have been received and the successful applicants will be announced later this year.

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    78 w

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    • Elizabeth Gathigia

      78 w

      Wrong turn UK government!

      • Kamau WA Githinji

        78 w

        its sad that a superpower country is leading by a bad example

        • George Kariuki

          78 w

          This decision raises concerns as it is counter to the global efforts to transition towards cleaner and sustainable energy sources and to reach the goal of net-zero emissions to tackle the climate crisis. Such a move could also be seen as a step back from the UK's commitment to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions and to transition to a low-carbon economy.

          • Tabitha Kimani

            78 w

            Uk is known for its great measures towards climate restoration, how come its retrogressive measures.

            • Peter Kamau

              78 w

              UK is no doubt driving us to extinction and this can't be tolerated. What's even worse is that this plan was announced just three days after Cop27.Is'nt this pure atrocity and greenwashing?


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