Climate warning
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Climate warning

Newly uncovered history of a key ocean current carries a warning on climate

it carries more than 100 times as much water as all the world's rivers combined. It reaches from the ocean's surface to its bottom, and measures as much as 2,000 kilometers across. It connects the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and plays a key role in regulating global climate. Continuously swirling around the southernmost continent, the Antarctic Circumpolar Current is by far the world's most powerful and consequential mover of water.
In recent decades it has been speeding up, but scientists have been unsure whether that is connected to human-induced global warming, and whether the current might offset or amplify some of warming's effects.
In a new study, an international research team used sediment cores from the planet's roughest and most remote waters to chart the ACC's relationship to climate over the last 5.3 million years.

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  • Grace Njeri

    1 w

    Our oceans are our greatest resource. We must protect marine ecosystems,

    • George Kariuki

      3 w

      Let's continue to support research efforts like these to safeguard our oceans and planet.

      • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

        3 w

        This is a worrying development. It underscores the need to act fast on climate change

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