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Carbon Brief assess the impacts of warming on 2,234 #ski resorts across 28 #European countries and the climate and water footprints of their future snowmaking needs. Without snowmaking, we find that 53% and 98% of Europe’s ski resorts are projected to be at very high risk for snow supply under #globalwarming of 2C and 4C, respectively. Using snowmaking to achieve 50% snow coverage on their pistes, these figures are reduced to 27% and 71% of ski resorts, respectively. But additional snowmaking will have an impact, too – by increasing water and electricity demand and adding to the considerable carbon footprint of the ski industry, which is typically mostly due to transportation and housing. Our study is the first #Europe-wide assessment of future snow scarcity and the environmental impact of snowmaking, taking into account the geography and characteristics of individual ski resorts.

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