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Proposing to label climate teaching in colleges as "controversial beliefs”

The state of Ohio is proposing a bill that designates climate policy as a controversial concept for which students must be allowed to reach their own conclusions.
The measure has passed the Ohio Senate and is now being considered by the Ohio House, both of which have large Republican majorities.
“Academics want to protect their woke fiefdom so they can continue to churn out like-minded and intolerant opponents of intellectual diversity,” said Sen. Jerry Cirino, a Cleveland-area Republican and lead sponsor of the bill, in a guest column last month in The Columbus Dispatch. This is bizarre. What’s next? Letting student form their own opinion on whether gravity exists or not? Or if the Earth might actually be flat, and not round? Not surprisingly, students and faculty are raising their voices against these proposed restrictions. Read more:

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  • Simon Bergbom

    57 w


    • Sarah Chabane

      57 w

      What the hell...

      • Peter Kamau

        58 w

        Climate education should be supported to even take place right from the lowest levels of education so as to give people a better understanding and insights of how to become conscious of the environment as they grow.#InformationIsPower

        • Ajema Lydiah

          58 w

          climate teaching in colleges will equip learners with sufficient knowledge about climate change and how to go about it

          • Jane Wangui

            55 w

            @ajema_lydiah they should get their priorities right.

          • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

            58 w

            this is absurd

            • Munene Mugambi

              58 w

              This is disturbing

              • Ford Brodeur

                58 w

                Very odd to see Ohio do this, especially coming from a state infamous for environmental disasters. You'd think they would want everyone to be an environmentalist.

                • rosebellendiritu

                  58 w

                  I tend to think,why would they label it "contraversial" 🤔🤔,they are taught what ought be taught even at tender ages leave alone colleges

                  • Tabitha Kimani

                    58 w

                    The proposals here sound quite retrogressive and will alienate the students from what is happening in the world. Some republican leaders are out to destroy the future of the citizens they represent.

                    • Damodar Prabhu Panemangalore

                      58 w

                      Why there exists such diverse views when the green house budget is getting empty and #wedonthavetime, it's ridiculous that the country which has to spend the most is generating confusion among their future business and public administrators.

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