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Sea Ranger Service offers young people paid opportunity to protect UK oceans

A social enterprise has introduced a unique opportunity for individuals aged 18 to 29 to actively participate in the protection of the seas around the UK, all while receiving compensation for their efforts.

The Sea Ranger Service (SRS) is offering young people the chance to embark on sea voyages and engage in essential tasks aimed at conserving Britain's oceans. Sea rangers will be involved in a diverse range of roles on sailing vessels, encompassing basic maintenance work, climate research, and monitoring. The day-to-day responsibilities range from routine tasks like deck scrubbing and food preparation to more intricate assignments such as processing collected sea samples, wildlife observation, route planning, and engineering, as explained by SRS CEO Wietse van der Werf.

Established in the Netherlands in 2016, SRS has collaborated with government agencies and successfully employed 120 individuals in biodiversity restoration initiatives across the Netherlands and France. The UK launch of the program is designed to expand the project's scope, bringing it closer to achieving the ambitious target of restoring 1 million hectares of ocean biodiversity by 2040 and training 20,000 individuals for maritime careers.

The initiative aims to provide employment opportunities for young people interested in environmental protection, addressing limitations often faced by individuals in more traditional career paths. Wietse van der Werf emphasizes the importance of creating blue-collar jobs that go beyond typical roles like installing solar panels or working in offshore wind farms, focusing on actively restoring nature.

The sea ranger role is not for the faint of heart, requiring candidates to undergo a rigorous bootcamp selection process involving challenges to assess motivation, teamwork skills, and learning abilities. Wietse van der Werf clarifies that the boot camp is not about physical strength, speed, or intellectual prowess but rather a demonstration of a candidate's willingness to work on personal development, which is considered a crucial factor in their potential success.

The concept for SRS originated from Wietse van der Werf's firsthand experiences witnessing illegal activities at sea while working as an engineer in Antarctica. The program's vision extends beyond environmental conservation to address social issues, particularly high youth unemployment in deprived coastal zones. By training and employing individuals in these areas, SRS seeks to contribute to effective climate mitigation and sustainability in coastal zones.

Successful candidates will commence sailing expeditions from Port Talbot, the current location of the ship, and will be employed as full-time sea rangers. Following their tenure, they will receive support to transition into work with other organizations, including government agencies and research institutes, aligning with the goal of preparing sea rangers for successful maritime careers.

Registration for the boot camp is open, with candidates required to be aged between 18 to 29 and no previous experience necessary.

  • Munene Mugambi

    12 w

    One can save the planet as they make some money on the side as well. Oh goody

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