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Take #ClimateActions for your health

We all know that Climate change is undermining not just the health of our planet, but the health of people everywhere – through toxic air pollution, diminishing food security, higher risks of infectious disease outbreaks, extreme heat, drought, floods and more.

Between 2030 and 2050, climate change is expected to cause approximately 250,000 additional deaths per year from malnutrition, malaria, diarrhea and heat stress, according to the World Health Organization. And by 2030, the direct health costs caused by climate change are estimated to be between US$2 billion and 4 billion a year.

But the public health benefits of climate action far outweigh the costs. Estimates indicate that the overall value of health gains from climate action for meeting the goals of Paris Agreement would be approximately twice the cost of global policies to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

The two #ClimateActions that we all can do and can bring immediate health benefits:

Phasing out fossil fuels

 1.2 million deaths a year are resulted from exposure to fossil fuel-derived ambient particulate matter. The global cost of health damages associated with exposure to air pollution is estimated at US$ 8.1 trillion a year. Air-pollutant from coal-fired power plants and diesel-fuelled vehicles for instance can lead to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, lung cancer, diabetes, neurological disorders, and adverse pregnancy outcomes.

In the transport sector, phasing out fossil fuels means shifting to electric vehicles powered by clean energy, and promoting more walking or biking instead of driving.

In households, smoke from cooking with polluting fuels like wood, kerosene or coal is linked to more than 3 million premature deaths a year. Replacing harmful cooking fuels with clean cooking solutions, such as solar-powered stoves, benefits the climate and greatly reduces diseases linked to inhaling smoke.

Shifting to healthier diets

About a third of all human-caused greenhouse gas emissions are linked to food. The largest food-related emissions come from the production of land-intensive animal products, such as red meat, dairy products and farmed shrimp. While plant-based foods not only has lower emissions but also contribute to healthier diets. People whose diets are rich in vegetables and fruit have a significantly lower risk of obesity, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and certain types of cancer.

Start to take actions now for your own health and for our planet.

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  • George Kariuki



    2 w

    This is a powerful message from the UN. Taking care of the planet means taking care of ourselves.

    • Princess



      2 w

      Let's prioritize sustainability and advocate for policies that address climate change to ensure a healthier and more resilient world for all.

      • Lucinda Ramsay



        2 w

        Plastic also linked to autism and adhd

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