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The Quadripartite Unveils Guide for Implementing One Health Approach

The One Health Implementation Guide was unveiled at COP28 in Dubai, acknowledging the substantial health risks posed by climate change on a global scale. Launched in conjunction with COP28's inaugural health day and a high-level ministerial meeting on climate and health, the guide is positioned as a strategic supplement to the 2022 One Health Joint Plan of Action. Its primary focus is on promoting country-specific implementation through three key pathways: governance, sectoral integration, and evidence and knowledge. Dr. Amina Benyahia of the World Health Organization underscores the guide's universal applicability, designed to accommodate diverse countries regardless of their current status in One Health implementation.
Doreen Robinson, Head of Biodiversity and Land at UNEP, emphasizes the far-reaching consequences of the climate emergency on global health, extending beyond direct factors like heatwaves and floods to indirect influences on disease spread. She underscores the Guide's significance, asserting that early investments in inclusive and systemic One Health approaches are vital for addressing interconnected challenges, fostering a healthier and more resilient future for both people and the planet.
The ongoing COP28 negotiations have elevated the role of One Health approaches in tackling climate challenges. Notably, 134 countries have supported a Climate and Health Declaration, emphasizing the pivotal role of health in climate action and advocating for climate-resilient, sustainable, and equitable health systems. The Guide is anticipated to play a supporting role in the implementation of future accords related to pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response, where One Health is a guiding principle.
Despite the growing awareness of the One Health approach, challenges persist, requiring enhanced coordination within and among countries. Issues include securing political and financial support, capacity building, improving information exchange, and embracing technological innovation. The economic benefits of implementing a One Health approach are significant, with a return on investment of up to 90% (World Bank, 2022). Dr. Ariane Hildebrandt, Director-General at the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, pledges continued efforts to explore sustainable funding opportunities for strengthening the One Health approach, aligning with the goal of reducing health risks globally and contributing to epidemic and pandemic prevention.
The Quadripartite commits to catalyzing, complementing, and adding value to existing global and regional One Health initiatives. The goal is to enhance capacity to address complex multidimensional health risks, fostering more resilient health systems at all levels. The One Health approach is deemed essential for achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), providing synergy across sectors and mechanisms for long-term health benefits for humans, animals, and the environment.

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  • Chris Ndungu

    8 w

    The Quadripartite guide is a good resource that will bring positive solution toward health risks

    • George Kariuki

      12 w

      The Quadripartite One Health Guide offers a valuable framework for tackling multifaceted health threats in a changing world.

      • walter lungayi

        13 w

        This guide is a crucial step towards addressing the interconnected issues of climate change and global health, and it's great to see it being unveiled.

        • We Don't Have Time

          13 w

          Dear dickson mutai Your climate love has received over 50 agrees! We have reached out to UN Environment Programme by email and requested a response. I will keep you updated on any progress! To reach more people and increase the chance of a response, click the Share button above to share the review on your social accounts. For every new member that joins We Don't Have Time from your network, we will plant a tree and attribute it to you! /Adam, We Don't Have Time

          • Esther Wanjiku

            13 w

            An awesome guide

          • Abraham Jok Atem

            13 w

            The Quadrpartite' guide will bring a substantial amount of positive solutions to the current world health risks

            • Princess

              13 w

              This is a noteworthy and positive step.

              • Gorffly mokua

                13 w

                The Quadripartite's guide is an important resource that can help health policy makers and practitioners in implementing this approach in their respective settings.

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