Why clean energy is a national security

As the one-year anniversary of Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine approaches, it’s hard to overstate the war’s impact on the global energy transition.
But in the past year we have also witnessed an unprecedented pace and intensity of military deployments in response to climate hazards across the globe – from wildfires in Europe and the United States, to flooding in Pakistan and Nigeria, to drought in China and Mexico. It has never been more clear that the world must speed up its transition to clean energy to secure its future.
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This is why the Center for Climate and Security, an institute of the Council on Strategic Risks, has launched the “National Security Voices for Clean Energy” campaign. This campaign features senior former US military, intelligence and national security leaders sharing their perspectives on why moving away from fossil fuels is a national security and geopolitical imperative for the United States. These videos spotlight candid messages that span topics from cutting emissions to strengthening America’s energy resilience.

For more in-depth reading on the same topic, please also see the op-ed Clean Energy is national security that I co-authored in The Hill.
  • Uwe Gramann

    70 w

    Climate breakdown which is already in motion. The military is one of the greatest funded organisations in the world. That money and those resources would have a huge impact on our ability to deal with the climate breakdown. Enormous investment is being placed in this organisation, not for climate, but because the military are preparing for the social and conflicts arising from climate breakdown. We need to lay down our arms and live in peace whilst dealing with this threat to the entire planet. Until we are able to do this there is no hope.

    • Uwe Gramann

      70 w

      The world is still missing the point. To get out of this mess that has been created ( if that is at all possible as we are heading towards 3rd greed + at a Phenomenal rate) we need to be able to live together in peace and with equality. Only then can we put our resources and focus in the unarguably enormous task ahead presented by the clim


        70 w

        The dependency on fossil fuels from politically unstable regions and the associated price volatility pose a significant threat to the energy security of nations. So this is very much a national security issue.

        • Kamau WA Githinji

          70 w

          amazing voices, great message

          • ODONGO WYCLIFE

            71 w

            Nice idea

            • Hilda Wangui

              71 w

              Wonderful information

              • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

                71 w

                Amazing content, very informative

                • Markus Lutteman

                  71 w

                  This is very, very interesting!

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