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Forever chemicals' could be phased out in Australia under new restrictions

There's growing global concern about potential risks to human health and the environment from a group of industrial chemicals commonly known as PFAS, or "forever chemicals." The federal government intends to stop the import, manufacture and use of some types of PFAS within two years. We want to raise awareness and encourage industry to be proactive about finding alternatives. The sooner industry acts on this, the faster we can eliminate PFAS from the products we use and our waste. With untold benefits for people and our planet.

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    32 w

    Our well being comes first ... These forever chemicals should come to a total phase out

    • rosebellendiritu

      44 w

      Health should always come first,anything that jeopardize the health of others should not be tolerated.

    • hilda Wangui

      44 w

      Great work to save people from PFAS

      • Edwin wangombe

        44 w

        Australia will do a job to save it's people from the PFAS

        • George Kariuki

          44 w

          Let's hope this can contribute to a cleaner environment and reduced exposure to potentially hazardous substances.

          • Princess

            44 w

            It's encouraging to hear that new restrictions could potentially phase out the use of "forever chemicals" like PFAS.

            • Rashid Kamau

              44 w

              @princess_nel_268 Phasing them out would bolster public health across the nations.

              • Grace Njeri

                44 w

                @rashid_kamau Phasing them out will have vast benefits to both people and the environment.

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