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Climate Education - Noella Science Comics & Program

Do children grasp the idea of planting trees?
Plants, like humans, require a nutrient-rich environment to thrive, yet they also have the unique ability to trap carbon dioxide. Making our soil better helps to strengthen plants, allowing them to absorb more CO2 from the air around them. This give-and-take practice is critical when trying to understand changing weather patterns since it monitors damaging greenhouse gases. The Noella Science Comics and our puppet show are designed to teach kids about the benefits of tree planting and carbon sink. Our Noella EE Program enhances this with games and board games for an immersive learning experience. By supporting our initiatives, you'll help provide vital tools to educate future generations on climate action, fostering a greener future. Noella Science Comics:

We create engaging science comics tailor-made for children to support climate scientists and raise climate awareness.
Please support our work so that we can continue to create these unique materials and programs for children worldwide. Thank you!
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  • George Kariuki

    5 w

    Love their approach! These are the tools we need to inspire future generations to take action for a greener future!

    • Joseph Githinji

      6 w

      This is a great avenue to create environmental awareness amongst the younger generation,which is a gateway to sustainability.

      • Louis Yuen

        5 w

        @joseph_githinji Thank you for your comments and support! We hope the Noella project will equip future generations with essential tools to effectively fight climate change, paving the way for long-term resilience and sustainability.

      • Chris Ndungu

        6 w

        I think is now the best time for civic education to be embrace at a high level, conserving the environment by planting trees, minimizing waste and many more should be set as a lesson in the timetable of learners.

        • Louis Yuen

          5 w

          @chris_ndungu Thank you for your comments and support! We certainly can't waste any more time on early childhood education.

        • Munene Mugambi

          6 w

          I think We Don't Have Time has been on the forefront of encouraging environmental conservation through tree planting, clean ups and civic education especially in my country. Their work with other stakeholders is nothing short of breathtaking

          • Louis Yuen

            5 w

            @munene_mugambi Thank you for your comments and support! Yeah, We Don't Have Time is a great platform and organization. I wish I had enjoyed this group earlier.

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