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Climate idea

We have the answer and what we need to do is to ACT

The Stockholm Resilience Centre has done a good job of finding the connection between the climate impact in different sectors and the number of companies linked to the sector with the greatest responsibility.
My idea is to start acting on the basis of the knowledge we have and start talking and helping the companies with the greatest responsibility in sectors with a real climate impact to transform.
As an example, only 10 companies account for 72 percent of oil extraction.

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  • Makaya Healthcare Hub



    52 w

    This is where ESG (Environmental Social and Governance) comes to play. Climate change NGO's need to start embracing the innovations where KPI's for some of these companies in regards to climate change are accounted for not just as an internal activity for the companies but as external. Climate affects us all.. What is your goal this year and are there funds that have been set aside to actualize your goals? Then grassroot organizations can partner with the companies as they do their obligation. We are shifting the paradigm. It's not a me activity but at a we activity

    • Ajema Lydiah


      52 w

      We need action now

      • Munene Mugambi



        53 w

        With no action, all our resolutions mean nothing. ACT NOW

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