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Does Green look good on you? Getting workforces onboard is the ticket to climate success. But how the hell do we do it? It probably won't surprise you to hear that the number one problem in any transformation programme is getting lots of people to adopt an intended change. You might have the cleverest bit of technology which can change everything but if noone wants to use it, then there's a problem. The reasons for transformations falling down are varied but generally can be dropped into these main headings: 1. No-one thought to fund the human element. 2. The convincing was attempted by people that aren't very good at sales 3. Bad use of carrots and sticks. 4. Lack of stakeholder sponsorship (delegate and run!). I read a brilliant book by an american marketing expert - Douglas van Praet called 'Unconscious Branding'. It's about the neuroscience of motivation. It's very readable. In it, quite rightly, he points out: "The only way you can get someone to believe in your idea is to get them to believe it was their own in the first place". Which kinda flies in the face of how we do transformation isn't it? But the science is in and undisputed on how we learn and change effectively - it's actually been around for a long time. It's called experiential learning. And... you are an expert in it because you learnt to ride a bike, swim, drive and even use a yo-yo! So, here's a question for you - did you learn to ride a bike using a manual? A lecture? A slidedeck? An e-learning course? If the answer is no to all of these, then how, exactly, did you learn to do it? You didn't use any of the traditional methods. Which is a bit odd. Behavioural Simulation based learning (not the beat the spreadsheet kind) is a way forward to drive learning by creating the environment where the good ideas are created by the participants. It recognises that other people have brilliant brains and they can use them to solve complex issues like integrating ESG into everyday decision making. The really exciting bit is that don't need to knock people over the head to get on with it. And it sticks. Do you know why? Well - it was their idea in the first place. Do you still remember how to ride a bike? How many years ago did you learn? How much do you remember of that slideshow last week?

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