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Rhodes fires: Flights cancelled as thousands of tourists and residents evacuated on Greek Island.

With wildfires raging across Europe, the race is on to repatriate thousands of British holidaymakers caught up in inferno hotspots. Flights to bring back Uk tourists stranded by the flames are due to land on the Greek Island of Rhodes later while another evacuation order has been issued for parts of Corfu. It follows a week of record-breaking heat on the continent and has led to fears that many other British holidaymakers could have their summer getaways disrupted by the fires.  So is your holiday at risk? With the help of Copernicus - Europe's 'eyes on Earth' satellite programme - MailOnline takes a look at where wildfires are either burning at the moment or forecast to break out over the coming week.

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  • Harrison wambui

    46 w

    Solutions to curb wildfire should be inveted

    • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

      46 w

      Solutions to world fires should be sort urgently. Its really taking a worse route

      • rosebellendiritu

        46 w

        It's like the world will be on fire if we don't act appropriately,these wildfires experienced in the wild are alarming.

        • john linus Tom

          46 w

          This is too sad,

        • Edwin wangombe

          46 w

          This is no longer a joke ... Solutions to curb wildfires have to be reached ASAP

          • Elizabeth Gathigia

            46 w

            It's so sad

            • winnie nguru

              46 w

              These fires have brought about insurmountable loss to both the the citizens and tourists. Sad indeed

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