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🌎📽️ We are thrilled to be a media partner for #GreenBiz24 on February 12-14, live from #Phoenix, Arizona! Explore some of the key themes with inspiring speakers and hear the latest on decarbonization, biodiversity, supply chains, strategic communications, just transition and more. 💡
Tune in on to Day 2 from 12:27 PM EST - 18.27 CET

Watch day 1:

🎙️ Speakers highlight: Dr. Zoe Chance (Yale School of Management), Bill Weihl (ClimateVoice), Lucy Shea (Futerra), Leah Thomas (Intersectional Environmentalist), Wawa Gatheru, (Black Girl Environmentalist), Derrick Johnson, (NAACP) C.D. Glin (PepsiCo Foundation), Molly Wood (Molly Wood Media).
🌐 Check out the full program and register to watch it on We Don't Have Time:

  • Saustine Lusanzu

    8 w

    It was nice

    • Kevin

      8 w

      This will be very eye opening and we cant wait

      • Rotich Kim

        8 w

        We are hopeful that it will touch on areas of green energy

        • joseph luseni

          8 w

          making the world more greener to live

          • Kevin Branigan

            8 w

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            • Jeannette Barcelos Kravitx

              8 w

              Unfortunately not playing. Will try again later.

              • DIPANJANA MAULIK

                9 w

                Day 2 also looks so promising. Choosing company and jobs on basis of ESG prospects are very courageous (ref: last 1 or 2 minute) Kudos to all youngsters, who are thinking in this line along with all entrepreneurs, who are doing business with love for their great grand children.

                • Sarah Chabane

                  9 w

                  Looking forward to today's keynotes!!

                  • Munene Mugambi

                    10 w

                    Hopefully we arrive at some noteworthy conclusions in regards ecosystem restoration through decarbonising and biodiversity implementation

                    • Princess

                      10 w

                      Can't wait for the insightful discussions. 🌿

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