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Historic agreement adopted for conservation and sustainable use of the Ocean

Let’s face it; Climate crisis has an even more evil twin; Ocean Acidification! The ocean is our biggest ally against climate change and we are destroying its superpowers. Today, however, presents hope! Historic agreement adopted for conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in over two-thirds of the ocean in areas beyond national jurisdiction. Just remember…#wedonthavetime. We have 10 years to restore our Ocean to full capacity. If not? 15 years later collapse of the one system that can save us. Push push push for ratification! 60 countries need to sign asap to make this treaty come into force, and this means; Fashion industry pushed to a stop on the unsustainable overproduction of micro plastic clothes; Shipping Industry pushed to stop the toxins from huge burning of fossil fuels; Agriculture (specifically meat industry) stop iff toxic runoffs (and that industry uses 70% of all fresh water on earth), 80% of waste water is released without filtering - ask your local community what they are doing! Finally, the fishing industry…we are not impressed. This industry does not seem to care about regeneration. However, if continued, 3 billion people will lose their source of protein in 25 years. Alarming? Yes. We need to recognize the huge importance of the Ocean. If we save it - it will save us. nogreenwithoutblue 💙💚

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  • Videlis Eddie

    41 w

    True we have to save the oceans and the oceans will save us ....

    • Sarah Chabane

      51 w

      Fantastic news!

      • Tariq Ullah Shah Afridi

        52 w


        • Tabitha Kimani

          52 w

          Marvelous. This actions light up the spirits. This is a huge win for the blue economy protection and care. May the 60 countries ratify it.

        • Johannes Luiga

          52 w

          Great news!

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