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Stade de France floods with oil in Greenpeace's campaign against TotalEnergies' sponsorship of Rugby World Cup

In a powerful video, Greenpeace is bringing attention towards the fossil fuel industry's involvement in sports events. This time, the focus is TotalEnergies, the major French petroleum corporation, and their sponsorship of global sporting events, such as the upcoming Rugby World Cup in 2023 in an attempt by Total to "whitewash their image."

The video portrays the Stade de France, set to host the opening match between France and New Zealand on September 8, and the final game of the World Cup, as awash with oil. The video also highlights the staggering statistic that these multinational corporations produce the equivalent of an entire stadium filled with oil every 3 hours and 37 minutes, contributing significantly to the climate crisis.

Greenpeace also claims the organisation of the 2023 Rugby World Cup sent them a cease-and-desist letter, warning of potential legal actions, to prevent the release of this video. They responded to Greenpeace's campaign with a press release in which they asserted their commitment to organising a responsible tournament focusing on societal and environmental concerns. With Total and other sponsors such as... Société Générale and Emirates.
This isn't the first time TotalEnergies' sponsorship has been questioned. In 2019, the company was a candidate for sponsoring the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. However, Anne Hidalgo, the Mayor of Paris, voiced concerns in a letter to the organising committee and TotalEnergies was excluded from sponsorship arrangements for the Olympics. So it's possible to do it differently! Choose your sponsors wiser

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    Fossil fuels should be a story of the past

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