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It Just Sailed the World's First Net-zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions Cruise voyage on its brand-new MSC Euribia.

In the global quest for a sustainable future, the cruise industry is putting in the work. MSC Cruises, for example, just sailed the world's first net-zero greenhouse gas emissions voyage on its brand-new MSC Euribia, one big step on the company's journey to becoming net-zero as a whole by 2050.
MSC Euribia traveled from Saint-Nazaire, France, to Copenhagen on a fuel-optimized mini-sailing. Euribia is the second ship in the family-owned Italian cruise line's 22-vessel fleet to be powered by liquified natural gas, or LNG, a fuel that produces far fewer carbon emissions than traditional maritime propellants. In fact, the ship produces up to 19 percent less greenhouse gas emissions per passenger per day than its sibling ships that use conventional fuel.

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  • Kevin

    51 w

    A very great fete here

    • Joyce Waturu

      51 w

      Having this giant water vessel cruise on zero emissions is a groundbreaking development of all times in the cruise ship industry.It'll make more sense to be on the waters for months than ever before

      • zelda ninga

        51 w

        If we can have a Cruise Ship with zero emissions then we don't have any reason not to achieve the long-term temperature goals.

        • Joseph Githinji

          51 w

          This is a message of hope to the world , it is possible for all of us to take this steps for a better and sustainable future.

          • ance Star

            51 w

            This is a wonderful news of trying to reduse carbon emission

            • Munene Mugambi

              51 w

              Wow, more of this would really reduce carbon emissions

              • Jane Wangui

                47 w

                @munene_mugambi which we would be more than glad to have

              • john linus Tom

                51 w

                This is amazing, it will reduce pollution in water

                • Annett Michuki..

                  51 w

                  this is incredible

                  • Priscilla Kabage

                    51 w

                    This is great

                    • Elizabeth Gathigia

                      51 w

                      This is amazing

                      • walter lungayi

                        51 w

                        This is a great achievement in sea vessels. At least water pollution will be reduced

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