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Climate idea

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My suggestions would be:
Viktor Orbán (prime minister)
Karácsony Gergely (lord mayor of Budapest)

Háda (company selling second-hand clothes and more)
Trófea Grill (all you can eat restaurant chain)

Budapest Bike Maffia (charity organization)
Budapest Bike Maffia's BMM kertek (a goal to plant vegetables and spices with and for people living in homeless shelters so they can harvest their own-grown vegetables and learn responsibility)

The districts of Budapest (they are very different, so it would be important to separate them)

Do you agree?

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      • Marine Stephan

        3 w

        Hello, you can find some of the profiles here: Viktor Orbán: Karácsony Gergely: You can always email us at if you need to create a recipient. // Marine

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