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The "ice mermaid" Bárbara Hernández breaks new record and raises awareness about the climate crisis

The Chilean open water swimmer Bárbara Hernández, also known as the "ice mermaid", recently set a new world record by swimming 2,5 kilometres in Antarctic waters without wearing a wetsuit. Despite the water temperature being only 2 degrees Celsius, the 37-year-old swimmer could endure the gruelling challenge for over 45 minutes. Bárbara Hernández spent 3 years preparing for this task, despite the risk of hypothermia, and her body temperature dropped to 27 degrees Celsius after the swim. She said that swimming in Antarctica had been a dream of hers for over a decade.
Photo: Shawn Heinrichs
Photo: Shawn Heinrichs

This achievement was not only a personal accomplishment for Hernández, who holds multiple world records, but also a demonstration of her commitment to raising awareness about the devastating impact of the climate crisis on Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. She is part of the Antarctica 2020 initiative, a group of influential people building support for the full and effective protection of the Southern Ocean, through the establishment of a network of large-scale marine protected areas. She is also an ambassador of the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition.

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  • Kamau WA Githinji


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    @Barbara Hernandez has set a great example to all Sports men in the world

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