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Lewis Hamilton

Climate love

Lewis Hamilton orders sustainability series from Aurora

The series consists of six films from Kenya, England, Brazil, the Philippines, the USA, and India, featuring activists who are actively involved in combating the effects of climate change on their communities. “Through the powerful narratives of each film, the series seeks to create a global conversation about the urgent need for sustainable transportation and a commitment to combatting climate change.”

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  • George Kariuki

    45 w

    Lewis Hamilton showing all the other athletes the way. Very encouraging.

    • Lucinda Ramsay

      45 w

      Well done Lewis but I have to say Formula 1 is not environmentally friendly at all and I'd love to see an end to it...we don't need super petrol cars driving around for hours...the time has come for formula 1 to call it a day. There is EV car racing now to push new technology. Fossil fuel is dead.

      • Patrick Kiash

        45 w

        Good move!

        • Kevin

          45 w

          Commendable thing by Lewis

          • walter lungayi

            45 w

            Great move

            Welcome, let's solve the climate crisis together
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