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Climate love

Nestlé is partnering to reduce cocoa climate change impacts

Nestlé's commitment to stop adding greenhouse gases to the air by 2050. To achieve this goal they're collaborating with suppliers to implement two innovative projects to reduce and remove carbon pollution from their cocoa supply chains.💚
Through this, they will plant over two million trees to remove and reduce over 500,000 tons of carbon over two decades.🌳

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  • Elizabeth Gathigia

    1 w

    Nestlé has shown great committement towards combating climate change,it's impressive

    • Timothy Ndegwa

      1 w

      Nestlé's collaboration with suppliers to reduce greenhouse gases in cocoa supply chains is commendable. Planting over two million trees and removing 500,000 tons of carbon over two decades demonstrates a proactive approach in tackling climate change. Applauding this partnership for its positive impact and commitment to sustainability.

      • dickson mutai

        1 w

        Planting over two million trees to offset carbon emissions is a significant contribution to combating climate change :)

        • Princess

          1 w

          Nestlé's dedication to sustainability and collaboration is truly impressive.

          • Rashid Kamau

            1 w

            @princess_nel_268 If at all other companies across the globe could possibly emulate the steps and dedications shown by Nestle, We could so far have had great and positive change on our planet.

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