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Battolyser factory of 1 gigawatt in Rotterdam Netherlands The world's first large-scale Battolyser plant is being built in the port of Rotterdam to meet the increasing demand for green hydrogen and electricity storage. The factory will also serve as Battolyser Systems' headquarters and R&D center and will open in the second half of 2024. Battolyser Systems has succeeded in developing and testing the world's first integrated battery/electrolyser system. A Battolyser can produce hydrogen from sun and wind when electricity prices are low and supply electricity to the energy grid when prices are high. The system is extremely flexible, efficient and robust. Advantages of the system are: it can relieve grid congestion enable the expansion of more solar and wind energy developments offer the cheapest green hydrogen The Battolyser technology can be deployed on a large scale using abundant and conflict-free active materials: nickel and iron. The technology was invented by Prof. Dr. Fokko Mulder and his TU Delft research team. The Battolyser factory of 1 GW per year will be located in the M4H area, an industrial estate in the heart of Rotterdam. The costs for the development of the 14,000 m2 production site, complete with new office and laboratory facilities, are estimated at approximately € 100 million. The final investment decision is scheduled for the end of 2023 and requires private and public investment to compete internationally. Once fully operational, it will require approximately 700 direct employees and create up to four times as many indirect jobs at supply chain partners. “This collaboration with the Port of Rotterdam to jointly develop our first large-scale production facility is a major step forward in our commercialization. The factory enables us to supply Battolysers at industrial scale and affordable prices. We are in constructive talks with the Dutch government and EU institutions and we are confident that together we can secure the necessary funding.” Mattijs Slee, CEO of Battolyser Systems

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